I am heavily impressed by the design and build of this bottle. I get compliments and questions about it all the time. My brother has a Hydro flask and I use it all the time, but this bottle out beats it with it’s durability, gripping, and ability to float. I’m a super outdoor guy, I go biking, hiking and camping during the summers, and in winter I’m playing basketball. This bottle is my go-to bottle from now on as it keeps water for over 24 hours cold.
-Durable. It feels solid. Keep in mind, dropping it can cause dents as I’ve seen that with insulated water bottles.
-Floats in water – Tested this at the beach the other day. It does, and I had a full bottle of margarita in the ocean!
-Keeps water cold for advertised time.
-Big handle – much easy to carry around.

Review by on November 12, 2015