So I didn’t think this bottle would work. All the water bottles say they’ll keep your drink cold and then a few hours later you have a puddle and room temperature water. I was so wrong about it. I love the bottle, it’s lightweight and the color is gender neutral. For testing it out I simply filled it up with ice. All the way to the top, filled it with water and sealed it. I left it sitting on the kitchen table over night until over 24 hours later, I went to check it and the ice had HARDLY melted! I couldn’t believe the chunk of ice that was in the bottle. No puddle of water on the kitchen table either. The bottle doesn’t condensate. It’s completely dry. The water is ice cold. I took photos showing the time stamps from yesterday and today just to show how the ice held up.

This would be excelling for anyone who enjoys hiking or a cold drink after a long run. Wonderful even for someone who doesn’t use it for sports. I would highly recommend this bottle to anyone who wants to be impressed. I’ve never had a water bottle work this well.

Real review by Reviewsbyjennifer on October 15, 2015