For, anything to be dysfunctional means it is not working the way they are intended to work. Dysfunction can happen in different disciplines of life ranging from personal, social, economic, and religious and several other disciplines of life. One cannot wholly run away from a dysfunction as they could arise because of one thing or another. Dysfunctions are not new to health today and a major being the erectile dysfunction amongst the men.

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in men’s sexual life where or when the men cannot get an erection, they need for sex. It could also be looked at as not being able to hold a strong erection for a long or a reduction of interests in sex. In the past, this problem was common in men of older ages but it is cutting across men of all age groups. They could associate the causes of this condition with one’s lifestyle, physiological and psychological relationships.

Some notable examples are if one is smoking, overweight, being inactive, high body cholesterol, alcoholism and any other lifestyle habit that could make the arteries that carry blood to the penis closed. For one who is stressed or not having a stable mind because of anxiety, erectile dysfunction could occur as well temporarily.

Lack of water in the body or being dehydrated could also be a major cause of erectile dysfunction (ED). Below is why it is so.

How Does Dehydration Lead To Erectile Dysfunction?

If you have been wondering how erectile dysfunction is related to dehydration, then this section is for you. To a great extent, erectile dysfunction is related to dehydration. If you can understand how an erection occurs, then this should ring a bell. Did you know that for an erection to occur blood has to flow through the arteries to the penis for an erection to occur? And if blood is not flowing to the penis what is going to happen? Definitely one is going to experience an erectile dysfunction (ED).

A body that has higher amounts of water shall always have higher volumes of blood cells that can flow more efficiently through your arteries and veins. A low volume of blood going through the veins to the penis means one is not going to have enough oxygen or nutrient-rich blood to handle an erection.

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What are the Signs of Dehydration?

Dehydration could come in several formats and if one does not realize it, then this will escalate to something more severe. Signs of dehydration are usually written in front of us to see but we are either turning a blind eye or choosing to have a deaf ear to any bell that rings in relation to this. Some of the most obvious signs of dehydration are thirst, the lips being dry and with a sticky mouth, not going to pee as regular, dark, yellow or an unclear pee, muscle cramps, fatigue amongst others like very dry skins and failure to sleep.

If you have ever noticed, you had a yellow or dark pee, and then this could be a case of you having concentrated urine meaning you are not taking enough water and you need to start doing so. Taking a little water shall definitely translate to a yellow urine and this is a clear sign of dehydration.

More Water to Keep Body Moist and Normal:

For the body and skin to remain moist or looking normal, it needs a vast amount of water to keep as functional as it deserves to be. When your skin is dry or any other part of your body seems to feel dry, then this is a clear sign of dehydration you need to be paying attention to.

If you ever feel like your muscles are always in pain or having some serious cramps, then you can relate this to the fact that you need to drink more water. Even though muscle cramps might with other causes, dehydration remains a major.

By looking at some symptoms of dehydration, one can wholly relate this to the fact that they could have been facing erectile dysfunction and try finding the solution in drinking more water through the coldest water bottle.

What Are The Solutions To Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction might not be a big problem for some men but if you really want to enjoy your sexual life, then you ought to be paying attention to this dysfunction. Many men are afraid to stand out and at times are suffering in silence without ever caring to find a solution but live in shame of failure to satisfy their partners.

The solution to erectile function comes back to the causes and what the body needs to have a proper erection. We have already taken the chance to break down how much the dysfunction is associated with being dehydration more and more of water on a daily is a starting hack to this problem. If you take more water, you have the assurance of having more water in your body translating to easier blood flow in the body that you shall need for an erection to occur. The best solution to avoid dehydration is to have 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle for the regular intake of fresh water.

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Eat More Vegetables and Fruits:

You have the right set of diet, for example, any foods that have anything that will lead to your blood vessels blocked needs to stay away. It supports the blood vessels function well. For example, you would need more vegetables and fruits as opposed to foods that are rich in fats or sugars.

For the cases where you get anxious or stressed, you need to understand that expectations shall always be there and you can neither run away from them or from stressors. You need to learn what stresses you and how best to mitigate them. A quick way to deal with stress is trying to have enough rest. Give the body ample time to rest and drink the coldest water to recover from any wearing out.


Erectile dysfunction (ED)is a condition that could affect anyone and one need to deal with it in real time as it comes. Drinking more water to chase away the dehydration is a sure way. The first and easiest way to avoid dehydration that causes ED is to keep drinking coldest water and always carry the coldest water bottle to drink water without interruption.