The Coldest Water cup has been perfect for use at my desk while working.
It keeps ice in my water for a good eight hour shift including lunch break.
I forgot it one day and checked it after twelve hours of putting ice and water in it. The ice was melted, but the water was still nice and cold.
The size is perfect for me. It’s no bigger than a regular water bottle would be to grip, it feels like a regular large cup to me.
I didn’t think I would like the plastic lid that much, but after using it I can say I love it.
It seals well and feels great to drink from.
No sweating and I don’t have to worry about water rings on the desk.

The only downside to this cup is that it’s hand wash only, but if all you are ever drinking is water from this cup then cleaning it should never be that difficult by hand. I just rinse it and give it a quick wipe down. Every week I’ll actually clean it with some soap.
One suggestion to the manufacturers would be to perhaps rethink the branding on the cup. A smaller logo at the bottom would look nicer I think. I don’t mind the way it looks now, but I prefer minimalistic designs.
My other suggestion would be to rethink using those photoshopped images where the cup is way out of proportion (girl reading on the beach I’m talking to you!).
This cup would make a nice gift for someone trying to drink more water daily or a coworker perhaps.
No regrets with this purchase!

Review by on May 8, 2016