I received The Coldest Water Stainless Steel Tumbler at a 5:04 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon, at 5:06 p.m. it became my favorite cup ever! I have had a lot of insulated cups. I actually have somewhat of a cup addiction. So let me just say that – naming this cup my favorite – is a HUGE deal. There are several reasons it is my favorite cup!

First of all, the cup is very well made. The tumbler is he perfect size for my hand, and I am a girl with medium sized hands. The print on the tumbler is holding up very well, as I have washed it 25-30 times already and have been using it daily! The lid is a perfect fit, there is no leaking. The lid is acrylic and has a rubber gasket deal that makes the lid fit perfectly. It isn’t a screw on lid. It is one that you pop on and off.

The Coldest Water Stainkess Tumbler keeps water insanely cold. I filled up my tumbler with ice water for the first time, and my ice had barely melted when I finished my water. The tumbler sat beside me empty of water, but there were still ice cubes left in it. After an hour, I picked the cup up to drink the melted ice cubes. And the ice cubes had barely melted. There was less than a teaspoon of water. I have never had a tumbler or mug or cup keep the temperature that cold! So crazy.

As I said before, I use this tumbler daily! My honest and fair review is that this is a brilliant product. You will not be dissapointed. It absolutely lives up the claims on the product page!

Review by on May 3, 2016