I love this cup! I know everyone is going crazy for those expensive name brand ones – you know what I’m talking about – but I just can’t justify spending that much on a cup. This tumbler was much more in my price range and I think it does a great job. At first I thought it wasn’t that good because my ice melted right away, but then when I refilled my cup later in the day my ice lasted and lasted. I think it helps to pre-chill the tumbler, and once it’s cooled down it stays that way. I took it to my in-laws house over the weekend and I had cold water the whole time. It even stayed cold sitting in the car while we went into the mall. The cup was sitting in the Texas heat and there was still some ice in it when I got back. It’s taking some getting used to for me, since I like to fill up my cup with ice and then let it melt for extra water throughout the day, but with this cup I don’t get my melt water nearly as fast. I think the cup is easy to use and to drink out of. The lid fits securely and doesn’t allow any leakage around the gasket that I’ve noticed. I like the size of the cup as well. Many insulated tumblers are larger, and honestly they are a bit bigger than I want to carry around with me. The only thing I don’t love about this tumbler is the huge logo on the side. It’s painted on and very obvious, and kind of dorky looking in my opinion, but it’s something I can deal with for such a great insulator cup.

Review by on May 16, 2016