This such a great brand. I’ve got the Coldest Water thermos so I really wanted to try this because of all the expensive stainless steel thermoses , cups and tumblers that claim to keep your beverage cold/hot; THIS is the only brand I’ve tried that consistently works as advertised.

The tumbler is very high quality. Very durable, sturdy, lightweight and a good size for any beverage hot or cold. It truly keeps drinks cold for several hours. I put a lot of ice and water in this at the beginning of my day and hours later it was still ice cold. After I had drank all the water, 5-6 hours later I checked it and there was still ice in this cup. Seriously. I don’t use this as much for hot drinks but I do occasionally put hot coffee in it in the mornings. Usually keeps it hot for about 2 hours (it will probably keep it hot even longer but I’ve usually drank all my coffee by hour 1 lol). If you’re using this outdoors, it might not stay as hot/cold as long depending on how long you’re out with it. If you want it to stay cold longer you should put lots of ice in first, then your beverage of choice.

The lid is a thick, clear plastic. Others already mentioned that the lid is not as conducive to keeping drinks as hot or cold as possible but another thing I wish it had is a way to keep the mouthpiece closed/covered. There is nothing to keep your drink from leaking/spilling out. So, it might not be the best cup to travel with or do a lot of outdoor activities with. That’s my only minor complaint. They may modify this over time with newer models but this one is probably best for indoor day to day activities. It’s still one of the best tumblers I’ve used in terms of performance and quality though. I was glad to receive this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review. My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Review by on April 30, 2016