Drink Enough Water for Sports

When playing sports, it is strongly advised to drink enough water. Why such concerns?

The Coldest Water presents a “daily program of hydration”.

We were wrapped in Seawater!

3.5 billion years ago, life appeared in the oceans. Since then, the water molecule supports and surrounds our DNA helix. So our body contains 60% water and our muscles 73%! When, 350 million years before our era, the living beings venture out of the waves, they take care of wrapping themselves in a layer of seawater. The vestige of this daring happening, our cells are bathed in water; we sweat salt water in full effort.

Sweating, A Big Blessing for Humanity!

The man has its roots in Africa, 7 million years ago. It is still covered with hair and barely walks long in the heat wave. Five million years later, Homo Ergaster will be able to move easily. Of course, the evolution of its lower limbs gives it a better aptitude for bipedalism. But also, it loses its hairs and perspires to evacuate the heat produced with the effort. Thanks to the sweat he secretes, he can drink water and walk long hours while preserving a body temperature compatible with life, he can cross Africa without worry and conquer the world.

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Water, the Only Essential Drink!

If his ability to sweat gives the man indisputable qualities of endurance, he is obliged to drink water abundantly. Throughout his migrations, it is the water that will allow him to hydrate. The other drinks were unknown to him and useless to his survival! Cow’s milk begins to be consumed by adults only when the man begins breeding, only 10,000 years ago.

In the twentieth century, fruit juices are accessible to everyone and sodas appear. These delays are laughable in light of our evolution. Thus, ingesting calories in solid form make it possible to obtain good satisfaction while the energy swallowed in liquid form has difficulty being taken into consideration by our brain. Our central nervous system does not know yet that there are liquids very rich in calories! Studies show it well: drinking milk, fruit juice or soda does not cut appetite well and may make you fat. When we are thirsty, we drink water! No liquid foods!

What is the use of Water in a Sportsman’s Body?

As you know, our cells are essentially made up and surrounded by water. This precious liquid is also the main means of transport of our body. Oxygen, energy, hormones are transported by water, into our bloodstream. The waste is evacuated, diluted in the urine. The latter but also stool, breathing and especially sweat at the athlete are responsible for the daily loss of water. It must imperatively be replaced to avoid dehydration. If you don’t drink enough, sometimes it is dangerous and becomes chronic. As soon as the lack of water reaches 1% of our body weight, there is deterioration in physical performance and our muscle strength is reduced by 10%. There is also an erosion of intellectual skills especially in the area of ​​coordination that is much important for the sportsman.

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How Much Water to Drink Each Day?

In the deskbound position, it is customary to drink 1.5 liters of water a day. It is validated by several studies. In the absence of physical exercise and in a temperate climate, this volume allows an optimization of the body hydration and the renal work.

For you, sportsman, drink an additional volume of water corresponding to your sweat. To know it, you just have to weigh yourself before and after the effort. The difference is equal to the loss of water during training. Usually, it ranges from 0.5 to 1 liter per hour of activity. But, in case of intense effort in high heat, perspiration can reach 3 liters per hour. Increase still more the contributions of 200 to 500 milliliters to facilitate the evacuation of muscular and blood wastes produced during the exercise. Check that your urine stays clear! That’s it, you’ve had enough water!

Potomania: When Drinking Water Becomes Suffering and Illness

Bear Potomania is defined by the psychic need to drink an excessive amount of water. In the sedentary, it starts at about 3 liters per day. Since this intake is not necessitated by sweating, it causes a need to urinate much more frequently than usual and often socially embarrassing.

Like any behavioral addiction, it induces suffering in case of lack. The potomaniac will be more if he does not have a bottle of water. It damages his body little by little because his kidney loses the ability to concentrate the urine. Sometimes, in case of ingestion of little mineralized water, the potomania causes nausea, discomfort, and coma by hyper dilution of the blood.

If the sportsman has to drink more than the sedentary to make up for the sweat losses, his hydration must not become an obsession!

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How to Drink Enough?

Sports, you must start your day with a real “water”. In the morning while getting up, while your body has not been hydrated all night, drink! Two good glasses of water are welcome. To wake up, it can be a great coffee or a light tea. Be careful not to abuse this mode of hydration because these stimulating drinks are also diuretic. You could lose at one end what you gain from the other? For those who train before work, a morning fruit juice will help raise blood sugar and water intake.

At breakfast, milk or soy-based drink is a food rich in protein and water. In the morning and in the afternoon, drink half a liter of water, either a small bottle or two large glasses. Drink at least when you are thirsty! At the table, drink again! Three glasses are advised. With this quantity, there is no question of bloating or even dilution of gastric juices! Digestion is done without worries!

After training, drink! In-activity hydration only partially compensates for losses. In addition, you need to restock sugar in your muscles. It is stored with three times its volume of water.

In the evening, drink two glasses of water. Some people will prefer a well-scented infusion with soothing and preferably unsweetened virtues!

All day, do not forget the fruits, raw vegetables and vegetables that are rich in water. Foods bring in 200 to 500 milliliters each day.


In Short: Keep the reusable water bottle along with you:

Drink Water at Regular Intervals:

At sunrise: 2 large glasses of water or a large bowl of tea or light coffee.

In the morning and afternoon: Half a liter of water.

At each meal: 3 glasses of water.

During training: 3 to 4 sips every 15 minutes.

After training: Drink ½ liters to 2 liters per hour of activity, depending on your sweating and your weight loss.

At bedtime: 2 glasses of water or a large infusion.

What Water Should I Drink?

The good quality tap water is fine; it is usually not very mineralized. It can be your basic daily intake. Before consuming it, take care to run it for a few seconds in order to evacuate the residues present in the pipes.

The water of filter jugs is sometimes seriously dematerialized. Do not forget to change filters regularly, microbes proliferate quickly.

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Bring The Coldest Water Now and Drink!

Bring the best water bottle and use it for a longer period. It keeps the water cold 36+ hours and keeps ice and hot liquid for more than 24 hours.

No more excuses after this article, you can correct or continue to hydrate. Do not forget that a healthy diet is important for your body.

Do not deprive yourself, do not challenge yourself overnight, progress little by little. Rome was not built in a single day, your body is not Rome, but will not be built in a day either.

If you have questions, suggestions or thanks, do not hesitate. The Coldest Water Team is here for you. A question asked can help more than one.

Thank you for reading this article.

Sports Friends, I thank you and good luck.

Sport one day Sport always.