According to science, experts and health professionals, daily water consumption continues to be one of the main recommendations to the hydration level for leading a healthy lifestyle. In fact, there are many reasons and reasons they list to prove the importance of water. But, why is it so necessary to drink water?

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“Thousands of people have survived without love, none have survived without water,” said poet and essayist W.H Auden. Nevertheless, drinking water allows you more than just surviving.

The Benefits Of Good Hydration May Surprise You.

Water, air, and hygiene are the main ingredients of human life.

The Main Reasons Why You Need To Drink Water:

Drinking excess water can be dangerous for your health. However, ingesting a small daily amount can also affect our daily lives. The motives proving the importance of good hydration is numerous. However, science has proven that ingesting sufficient fluids causes the benefits presented in the following.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least two liters of water a day to keep the body healthy and hydrated.

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Water Maximizes Your Yields:

Exercising requires increased sweating. This will, therefore, cause dehydration in addition to an increased need for water in the body.

Thus, physical performance can be seriously affected by losing 2% of body fluids. This will cause fatigue, loss of control of body temperature and decrease motivation. In addition, performing any physical activity will become much more complex both organically and mentally. For this reason, replenishing fluids is very important to enjoy good health.

Some studies show that a good level of hydration does not avoid only the inconveniences presented previously. It can reduce the oxidative stress that accompanies high-intensity activities.

Hydration Promotes Brain Function:

The level of hydration has a fundamental impact on brain function. Studies show that a modest level of dehydration (between 1 and 2%) can affect concentration, mental state and can even cause headaches. It has also been shown that a moderate loss of fluid increases the feeling of tiredness and anxiety and reduces working memory.

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Hydration Provides Nutrients to the Entire Body:

Although pure water contains not any extra nutrients; it can absorb certain minerals and route them to the different organs of the body. For example, several bottled mineral water may contain healthy minerals such as sodium, magnesium or calcium, which the body needs.

In addition, this liquid is responsible for transporting the nutrients inside the cells while helping at the same time to eliminate the waste of them.

Hydration Helps the Body Regulate Its Temperature:

Water is excellent for absorbing and distributing heat within the body. In fact, it is the main mechanism that humans use to regulate their temperature.

Water has a relatively high heat absorption capacity. This means that the liquid in each cell of the body can function as a shield against sudden changes in temperature. This is why professionals always recommend drinking a lot of water in places with very hot weather.

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Hydration Helps Prevent and Treat Headaches:

Dehydration headaches can be felt as a dull ache or as an intense migraine. In some cases, they occur only in cases of severe lack of liquids. In other cases, they occur more easily.

Dehydration is the leading cause of migraines in many people. However, new studies show that water can be an effective way to treat and prevent headaches unrelated to this disorder.

How Much Water Should You Drink Daily?

The majority of scientists and health professionals agree that there is no exact amount of fluid for everyone for the hydration. It is better to drink water based on sex, weight, level of physical activity and climate.

Calculating this can be very difficult, but technology makes it easy for us. Today, there are many applications that help us control what we drink on a daily basis, but also calculate what we should drink based on our parameters.

It must be borne in mind that when we talk about the reasons why you need to drink water, we are referring to that liquid only. However, you can increase its intake in a variety of ways, for example by drinking infusions, juices, smoothies, yogurts, soups or soups or other fruits and vegetables.

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