Team Sports Water Bottles–Hydration meets athletics

As an athlete, hydration is of utmost importance to your body. There are many team sports water bottles, which are meant to serve your team and give them the best deals on keeping hydrated. With a good choice of water bottles for the team, your team is assured proper hydration, which goes a long way to ensure that they perform well in their games and the team could as well be on its way to being champions. Proper hydration ensures that the bodies of athletes are well kept and are in top-notch condition for playing any game that come s up for them. Ideal team sports water bottles should be specially designed to meet team expectations to make sure that they perform optimally at any given game.

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Factors to consider when choosing a team sports water bottles

A huge number of team members complain about the sweaty nature of water bottles especially when they put in cold water or ice inside their water bottles. Ideal team sports water bottles should be able to combat this condensation that is of huge inconvenience to teams. The ideal water bottle should be able to keep the water in a cold state without interfering with the outer surface of the bottle. As a team therefore, choose a bottle that will not annoy you by getting sweaty all the time and in the process warming up your water which you might have preferred cold especially after a vigorous team work out. If you make the right choice in choosing a bottle that will not sweat during workout then as team mates you will all be doing yourselves a huge favor when it comes to your performance.

It cannot be emphasized enough how the size of the bottle team mates carry to a workout influences their performance. If all team mates carry small bottles to their work out sessions, it only means that they will be rushing out in an attempt to go refill their water bottles during workout. This is bad for team mates as it causes a lot of disturbance and disorganization. Apart from that, it disturbs the work out plan of the team and could also affect the hydration levels of the players who do not get the time to get to the tap to refill their bottles. Good team sports water bottles should be able to carry a good amount of fluid that will enable the athletes to stay hydrated without having to take unnecessary workout breaks that could end up affecting their performance as a team. If athletes carry water bottles with a good water holding capacity to their workout they are bound to stay well hydrated during the workouts and even in the field thus ensuring that they perform to the best of their ability.

The material that is used to make your water bottles is also an important thing to consider when the team is procuring a team sports water bottle. Plastic water bottles are highly disadvantaged here because they are the types that sweat; furthermore, they contain BPA, a chemical that is known to contribute to a variety of human diseases. You could easily ensure that your water bottle is BPA free by checking if it is EPA approved. The bottles made of stainless steel serve better than the plastic ones because they will stay for up to a lifetime without being destroyed. The best part is that they do not even sweat.

These water bottles will ensure that your team displays an impressive performance be it in the gym during a workout or in the field when they compete against others.

Good team sports water bottles should have a good lid to ensure that there are no unnecessary leaks. The seals should also be easy to open and drink from during workouts. They should be large enough to allow for the easy washing of the bottle and even good enough to let an athlete put a number of ice cubes in without too much struggle, this will ensure that athletes can take the coldest water during their workouts to help cool them down as appropriate. A good seal also ensures that the water will not be contaminated by any other outside bacteria that can cause the athletes to be sick. A bottle with a good lid is definitely a perfect choice for an athletic team then.

As an athlete, it should be your duty to keep the personal hygiene of your water bottle. Re-using the same bottle more than once without washing can cause an accumulation of germs especially around the seal. If you are not careful as an athlete, you and your team mates may end up getting sick because of missing this simple step of washing your bottle after using it during workout. Athlete bodies are delicate because the team mates are always working to strike a balance between health and good performance, do not let a water bottle’s unhygienic state cause you as an athlete to wallow in poor health.

We will carry out an analysis on a number of the best team sports bottles. Thus will help you in the process of deciding which water bottle best fits you and your team mates and which brands will lead you as a team to victory. Read on in order to get the best tips to enable you as athletic team mates to choose a team water bottle that will cater for the hydration needs of every team member.

The Sigg thermo Classic 0.5L bottle

This is one of the water bottles that can act as your team sports water bottles. This bottle when tested by being dropped from a work bench and while the lid broke as soon as it made contact; the body of the bottle remained totally intact. This means that the bottle is still able to hold water even after falling off a high cliff. This bottle is by far amazing when it comes to thermoregulation. This is because it keeps water cold for twenty four hours around the clock. The bottle is made of stainless steel which is like the ultimate assurance for durability. It will not break or get denatured like plastic only to end up in a waste dump somewhere polluting the environment. This bottle will give you many years of service and will ensure quality for your money even though it is still fairly affordable. This bottle is recommended because it is fairly light and easy to carry around unlike some other bottles in the market. This is one of the bottles that a good team should choose as their team sports water bottles.

Klean Kanteen 20 oz insulated water bottle

The Klean Kanteen bottle is overly impressive as a team sports water bottles because when put through tough physical tests, even its lid still came out intact. This bottle can be used by team mates even during their endurance practices to stay hydrated and on top of their mental game. If you should choose this bottle as your team vessel for carrying water, then you are assured of truly better performance at the end of the day. This bottle has a wide lid circumference thereby making it easier to fill with ice cubes; this is an added advantage of this bottle over most others. The bottle kept fluids cold for long hours. This bottle is recommended because it is made from stainless steel material thus will ensure quality services for many years. The lid of this water bottle is agreeably leak proof and this ensures that your water stays absolutely germ free once you put it in the bottle. If you are looking for a good team sports water bottle, Klean Kanteen should be one of your key options.

Hydroflask Insulated 21 oz Water Bottle

This is also a highly resilient bottle that takes the hit impressively after being thrown off a cliff. The holding capacity of this bottle is also friendly for most athletes. The bottle is made of stainless steel with a nice simple design just as most athletes like it. It has an interesting finish, actually looks like powder coated mache. The design alone would be a good way to ensure that your team stands out from the rest. The bottles stainless steel body will ensure that you are not short changed when it comes to quality for your money especially during these hard economic times. This superb bottle is EPA approved so that you don’t have to worry about its production standards.

The Coldest Water Bottle

Just as the name suggests, this particular water bottle is the ultimate and final way to keep your water coldest. Our Coldest Water bottle is the utmost ideal bottle when you are choosing a team sports water bottles because of many reasons. It is made of stainless steel for one, which means that it is a high quality bottle that will not become unusable like plastic and not like other metal bottles that develop rust after a short while. This bottle has also been proven to be resilient even after falls from high heights and can therefore ensure quality for you as athletes. The Coldest water bottle has a sleek, cool design with a lovely logo that is not only accepted by athletes but by other users as well. After all, who doesn’t want a beautiful water bottle? This bottle also has amazing thermoregulatory span. It keeps the temperatures of the water or ice low enough until the time an athlete accesses it for drinking. It ensures that water stays cold so that it can be as refreshing as intended. This unique bottle is also EPA approved and is free of BPA which is a major plus when it comes to the search for a perfect team sports water bottle. This bottle is recommended majorly for athletes. It has an easy to carry leak free cap also and it is as light as a glass prior to being filled with water.

This bottle also floats on water, so it is relatively easy to locate if it should get lost in a water covered area. As if not enough, the great Coldest Water Bottle has a rubber grip that makes it easier to carry around with you as an athlete. The bottle also has a wide fit lid which allows the athletes to carry water in the form of ice cubes thereby ensuring that water stays cold should the athlete need it. The Coldest Water bottle is also armed with the never sweat technology which ensures that the bottle is not sweating at all. If your water bottle sweats, it probably means that it is letting in heat from the surrounding and therefore, you should consider switching it with the best technological sports invention yet, the Coldest Water Bottle. This water bottle comes with a lifetime warranty which would be a beneficial thing to most athletes and it is easy to clean after use.

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When it comes down to hydration for athletes, having the right water bottle could mean the difference between winning or losing. Don’t mess around with your body – especially when participating in professional sports. Choose the right Team Sports Water Bottles.

From the information provided above, we realize that athletes have a wide range of options when it comes to their team choice of water bottles to use for hydration. The Coldest Water however, provides an almost perfect solution for your team sports water bottles. Take your time as an athletic team to carefully choose which water bottle will present you out in the field. Hydration is a key component in the safekeeping of an athlete’s body and the best way to hydrate would be through the use of a good water bottle. If you are serious about winning, then you are serious about hydration. If you are serious about hydration, then you are serious about a good water bottle that will help you work your way to the top of your game. Make a wise choice, dear athletes, about the water bottle that you will use to give you the best hydration.

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