The best water bottles for hydration as of 2016 are stainless steel water bottles. These water bottles have been increasing in popularity for years now. This is chiefly due to the fact that they are safe and convenient for most people. They are considered safe because they are free of BPA, a chemical substance that is known to have adverse effects on human health. The chemical is known to cause reproductive disorders and even impotence among men, heart disease in women and older people and affects brain functioning and memory. These bottles have also increased sales in the market because they are convenient in terms of being portable. You can carry them anywhere, from the gym, to your school and even to any outdoor activities. Another reason why there is increased Stainless Steel water bottles impact in 2016 is because most of these bottles have sleek and cool designs. Everybody wants to be cool, and these bottles, most especially the Coldest Water bottle, are the exact definition of cool and trendy. Stainless steel water bottles are just what you should be getting you and your family and even friends if you do not already have some for yourselves.

Stainless Steel water bottles impact in 2016

One of the Stainless Steel water bottles impact in 2016 is that the bottles are helping in conservation of the environment. As you probably know, up to 38 billion plastic water bottles end up in landfills yearly and it takes up to 1000 years for these bottles to decompose. Even if you are given ten lifetimes, chances are that you will not live long enough to see all these bottles decompose. Despite manufacturer’s best intentions, disposable water bottles are simply a disgrace to Mother Nature because of the kind of pollution threat that they present. Stainless steel water bottles have come as a savior. This is because stainless steel water bottles can last you up to a lifetime if you get one for yourself. These bottles have added strength, resilience and durability that enable them to stand the test of time. These bottles can stay for very long periods looking as good and in shape as they were on day one. Disposable water bottles on the other hand get destroyed even from the smallest of impacts. This causes a necessity in replacement of the bottles regularly if a person uses them for hydration purposes. Stainless Steel water bottles have been able to bring down the pollution levels that were sky-rocketing due to the use of plastic bottles.

Another of the positive Stainless Steel water bottles impact in 2016 is an improvement in the health standards. As earlier stated, disposable water bottles release a chemical called BPA that interferes with the body’s hormones by mimicking them then causing hazards to our health. BPA is an endocrine disruptor and could also contribute to causing cancer. The use of stainless steel water bottles cools down this ugly effect. Stainless water bottles do not contain BPA and are therefore safer on many levels than plastic bottles. Stainless steel water bottles are a fortress of health when it comes to hydration. Many Americans and other world citizens are turning to stainless steel bottles for better health; after all, prevention is better than cure.

Stainless Steel water bottles impact in 2016

Bodily functions are also improved and thus a general improvement in the health of those who use stainless steel water bottles. When quality hydration is delivered through the use of these bottles, there is a general improvement in other health aspects; you notice clear and more beautiful skin and shiny hair. Stress levels are also reduced and most people exude confidence that may have not been a solid part of them before.

These bottles are also better because they give a very pleasant user experience than the plastic ones. This is because they do not leach the materials into the drinks carried in them and produce weird tastes and smells. You are assured therefore that you are drinking the highest quality drinks and you are not getting any awkward tasting hydration from bottles. This is another one of the Stainless Steel water bottles impacts in 2016. While using plastic and disposable bottles, you will live suspicious of your bottle as it could also retain the odors of the drinks you carry in your bottle. With time, this smells pile up and produce extremely bad tastes when you take your water. With stainless steel water bottles, you do not have to worry because there is a next to nil chance of them retaining the smells. They are, due to this, the better option when it comes to hydration. Besides this, stainless steel water bottles are cool to the touch and this could come as a relief if you go for heavy work outs, having something to cool your body during workout, even in the form of a trendy water bottle would be a welcome thing for everyone. And the contents of the bottle also retain the cold temperature very well with the use of stainless steel water bottles and contribute to the overall good user experience.

Stainless Steel water bottles impact in 2016

Another highly valued Stainless Steel water bottles impact in 2016 is the cost effectiveness that these bottles have brought. Using your stainless steel water bottle per day reduces your usage of disposable water bottles by up to 5%. This means that you are saving money big time. An average stainless steel water bottle is around $40 and with proper maintenance and care, it could last a lifetime. This only shows you how much more individuals can save with the use of stainless steel water bottles. Plastic water bottles and the disposable ones will have you queuing at the supermarket for more bottles over shorter periods of time and for higher amounts of money. In any fast growing economy and with the increasing cost of life, this is simply not healthy for your pocket as an average or middle class citizen. Stainless steel water bottles are much more economical at the end of the day and that is among the top reasons why Americans and other money conscious individuals of the world are turning to them. It would be easier then, to get better hydration benefits from a long term partner that will ensure your health safety and that you do not dig too deep into your pocket.

Yet another Stainless Steel water bottles impact in 2016 is the improvement in the quality of workout for most athletes. With increased quality in the hydration that they get through the use of stainless steel water bottles, athletes are able to get the best out of their exercise routines. An athlete that is well hydrated is almost as well trained. The high quality of hydration that has come about as a result of using stainless steel is next to none. Right now, sports people are working their bodies to a state they are ready for athletic activities. They can maximize on their workouts and not on other issues such as health complications that can be brought about by poor quality hydration. Even on the days that they play their games, they are able to perform to their optimum because the water they have been drinking has helped to develop their endurance and has helped to keep their bodies in the best conditions possible.

You may have noticed that now, there are more and more stainless steel water bottle companies emerging. This is another of the Stainless Steel water bottles impact in 2016. This increase in stainless steel water bottle can only mean one thing, a stiff competition among the companies on who will produce the best water bottles in terms of quality, appearance and recent technologies. With this kind competition, consumers are sure of what they are buying. Quality assurance is good for both producer and consumer because the former knows what the consumer wants while the latter is assured that they are buying only the best. There can then be a huge profit for the producers and trusted customers who will come back for more as they refer more people to the product. This is among the big Stainless Steel water bottles impacts of 2016 because it means that people know what they want for their hydration options. Stainless steel water bottles are a much preferred option over plastic and disposable now more than ever because of the quality hydration that they provide for Americans and the world over.

Stainless Steel water bottles impact in 2016

Another widely observed Stainless Steel water bottles impact in 2016 is the awareness that these bottles have brought. To get to the public, there have been public advertisements and media campaigns that have gone to long lengths to educate the public on the benefits of these bottles. These campaigns have opened the eyes of various people on the negative effects plastic and disposable bottles can have on their bodies and on the environment. In this way, we see the use of stainless steel water bottles as an indirect method of educating the masses. Consumers now understand that it is not a mere public stunt or just hearsay that has led to the rise in use of stainless steel water bottles in the recent past. It is through the emphasis put on the benefits of this type of bottle and the pinpointing of the major concerns that arise when other types of bottles are used that has led to public knowledge that they should make health conscious choices. The public knowledge has also brought to the attention of the public other plastic materials that are just not bottles that may be affecting their health and that should be major causes for concern.

From the above information, we observe that the Stainless Steel water bottles impact in 2016 is very widespread. The impacts of the water bottle are generally aimed at improving the quality of life in regards to health and taking care of our surroundings. Aside from the impacts mentioned, there are other important facts that the use of stainless steel bottles have helped to pinpoint, like how much oil is wasted when recycling bottles and how much more environment friendly it would be to stop using disposable water bottles. Use of stainless steel bottles has also shown that it is a lot easier it is to recycle stainless steel than it is to recycle plastic. Studies that led to the development of stainless steel bottles also had an impact on the bottle producing industry because it helped reveal ways through which the costs of producing plastic water bottles could be reduced. One such way is by locating a plant in a rural area where the locals could be supported through employment and development could happen simultaneously.

The Stainless Steel water bottle impacts in 2016 go beyond just the obvious and easy to see concepts. With more research still continuing every day, there should be further positive advancements in the future that should bring impacts to both the environment and the human race. The Coolest Water stainless steel water bottle has been and will continue to be a leading brand in the stainless steel water bottle industry. Further advancements are being made to ensure that there are only positive impacts that this brand will leave on the client, be it a student, an athlete or anyone else that uses the bottle. Stainless steel water bottles aim to be contaminant proof in all forms and areas and hopes to continue being the leading hydration bottles not only in America but worldwide. In 2016 and beyond, the Coldest Water hopes to continue being the trend-setting brand that not only athletes and sportspeople want to identify with but also other stainless steel water bottle brands. Our brand hopes to continue serving you, the public and to continuously impact on you in the right ways and manner. The Coolest Water will continue to serve your needs and demands as customers with the goal of satisfying you fully. We hope that you have felt a positive impact from the use of our Coldest Water products so far.