16 Ways To A Slimmer Waistline Without Any Exercise or Diet

According to Jaclyn London, Director – Nutrition at Good Housekeeping Institute, it is difficult to choose a particular part of the body and work it out through some foods. Jaclyn also doesn’t give credence to the term or phrase ‘flat belly foods’. Therefore, with few changes, one can make one’s midsection go lean or lose weight, but not by using any foods.

You can get rid of bloating, though not completely, with some short and long term adjustments and without using any dieting procedures.

To cut on any unknown sources of sodium (considered to be the source of gas or bloating), Jaclyn professes using dietary calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Consider increasing fiber and minerals, which will decrease sodium consumption. Jaclyn also suggests trying fruit based veggie snacks like sweet potato or roasted squash, instead of sandwich bread. She says that one can also try raw vegetable sticks or strips with Greek dip or hummus, apple, and nut butter or berries and yogurt too.

Vegetables like leafy greens, kale, broccoli, and legumes contribute to gas-related issues like bloating, with or without pain. But it depends on how much quantity you are consuming and how much of water you are drinking, to keep away bloating. To avoid bloating, it is better to do away with these veggies.

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If you want to lose weight and not worry about bloating, eat real and nutritious foods and be energetic and active. Here are some scientific tips to opt for a flatter belly:

  1. Sleep Early:

If calories are to be burnt thoroughly, resting aptly need be your priority, after a daylong work. Just getting on to bed soon will not help you cut on your snacking and skipping a night of rest will only add to your weight woes. Therefore, get at least 7 hours of sleep to make the calories burn effectively to lose weight.

  1. Eat Meals Without Fail:

Rather than eating meals 3 times a day, eat once every 3 – 4 hours, including breakfast. When you skip a meal, your next mealtime will be binge time. The hunger hormones will behave erratically and make you crave for anything that comes your way. Encourage yourself to eat fibrous complex carbs and proteins regularly and keep yourself feeling stomach full. This will help your body to steadily burn calories to lose weight and keep you fit.

  1. Get Your Posture Perfect:

Kim Lyons, the trainer at The Biggest Loser, says that maintaining a proper posture will engage the stomach muscles and also tone them up properly. As one gets involved in one’s work, there is always a tendency to forget being straight and slump, instead. To avoid slumping, use sticky notes at vantage points, to keep yourself reminding of not losing the straight posture.

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  1. Drink More Water:

Lyon also says that one should always be hydrated enough, to avoid stockpiling of water by the body. As you dehydrate the body piles on the water at the midsection and adds to the extra pounds there. 8-10 cups of water a day should be the goal to lose weight, your way. Keep the perfect stainless steel water bottle with and drink at regular intervals.

  1. Eat Water?!

Yes! Eat water! Fruits and vegetables are full of water content, says Jaclyn London. Sliced crudité with hummus is better to start a meal. Any soup or salad can also aid as a pre-dinner meal. The soluble fiber of chickpeas along with capsaicin can help you control your hunger to a longer extent and help to lose weight.

  1. Sip On Some Coffee:

Coffee is a diuretic. Thus, coffee helps remove excess water from the body. Combine this with Java and your gut gets cleaned to a flatter tummy. What a way of getting a flat stomach!? Is it the best way to lose weight?!

  1. Snack On A Handful Of Nuts:

Research has shown that a slim midsection can be maintained by munching on nuts. Nuts should be preferred over pretzels or biscuits as nuts have monounsaturated fats that offer numerous health benefits. One of the benefits is to lose weight and therefore, a slimmer waist. Avoid salted ones.

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  1. Be Seated Comfortably:

Judith Reichman, Professor of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, University of California, Los Angeles, says that most of the women do not cater to the needs of using the bathroom. By doing so, she says that they give rise to constipation, bloating and unwanted unease. Once you get relief, you also observe your midsection going down and feeling slimmer than ever.

  1. Drink Milk For Breakfast:

To bust your belly, have low-fat milk for morning breakfast, along with cereals. Milk is abundant with calcium, magnesium, and potassium which helps balance the bloating effects of sodium. Calcium is also known to maintain healthy body weight. Therefore, drink milk first thing in the morning help you to lose weight.

  1. Eat As Slowly As Possible:

Don’t gulp down your meals. Instead, chew a minimum ten times before swallowing. Dr. Reichman says that if the stomach takes time to break down the food we eat, it leads to bloating. Also, you tend to take in air along with the swallowed meal portions, making you puffier. Therefore, eat slowly and chew more before you swallow.

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  1. Take More Probiotics:

Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., authored the book ‘The Most Effective Natural Cures On Earth’. In the book, Dr. Bowden says that probiotic bacteria helps in breaking down the food we eat and contributes to the well-being of our intestines. Yogurt, buttermilk, sauerkraut, kimchi to name few, are rich in probiotics. Dr. Bowden suggests a daily serving of such foods to help keep the tummy flat and deflated thus lose weight.

  1. Prebiotics Too!

All vegetables, nuts, and fruits provide our much-needed prebiotics. London says that prebiotics is non-living compounds and help in the growth of beneficial bacteria.

  1. Don’t Chew Gum:

According to researchers at American College of Gastroenterology, chewing naturally sucks in air and air thus swallowed contributes to puffier stomach. Mint is a better alternative to chewing gum to maintain fresh breath.

  1. Relax:

Dr. Reichman says that being fatigued or drained out can cause severe constipation because the body produces more stress hormones. Stress produces cortisol, which stacks excess fat in the waist area, in attempting to protect vital organs. Therefore, relax to get stress out, not stressed out. At least 20 minutes of rest a day is advised to ensure full and proper relaxation of the body.

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  1. Walk, Walk And Walk:

According to Lyons, at least 30 minutes of walking on a daily basis, helps burn fat around the waist far better than hitting the gym. A Kansas State University study mentions that most of the gym machines are useless in giving flat tummy. Instead, traditional exercising helps a lot and help to lose weight.

  1. Do The Yoga:

Yoga is far better than crunches, according to Prevention’s Flat Belly Yoga Program. Yoga may not provide with hardcore exercising but offers very good toning of the belly to a slimmer waistline! It really helps to lose weight and maintain your overall health.