We bring the best quality and 100% original accessories for our Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottles. Some top Water Bottle Accessories are given below.

Water Bottle Accessories

Tumbler Lid


Basic Overview:

  • Buy it with no fear due to 6000+ verified customer reviews

  • 3 months of money back guarantee and free return offer

  • Cost $8.99 only

  • 2 days free shipping if the order is greater than $49 etc.

Key Information:

You can make your tumbler to go cup with sliding tumbler lid of 20 oz. Our lid lets you slide back and forth and it prevents splashing of your drinks in any adventure. It suits for;

  • Suitable and best for coldest stainless steel made tumbler cup 20 oz

  • Hot and cold beverages

  • Sliding lid with splash resistance

  • Dishwasher safe and simple to clean etc.

Water Bottle Accessories

Flip Top Lid 2.0 with Wide Mouth (32 oz and 64 oz)


Key Points:

  • Buy with no worries as the company got 6000+ verified customer reviews

  • Free returns and 90 days money back guarantee

  • Free shipping in 2 days for higher order than $49

  • Insulated sports lid at $10.79 only etc.


The Coldest Water designed, built and introduced Wide Mouth Cap 2.0 with patent-pending features. It is a special item for sportsmen and athletes for tough sports. We believe that you need to carry cold water and/or Juice for practices, cycling, jogging, running and other sports. This special cap lets you drink water effortlessly and with a single hand. It is easy to be cleaned, while it is odor and BPA free. You can open a flip and drink water easily.

Approved Compatibility:

  • 32 oz and 64 oz water bottles by the coldest water

  • Hydro Flask Bottles of wide mouth

  • Wide Mouth Water Bottles of Klean Kanteen

  • Wide mouth bottles of 32, 40 and 64 oz

Possible Compatibility:

  • Stainless steel water bottles having 2.19 inches diameter with inner screw mouth

Most Advanced Item:

  • Fit and perfect with many water bottles of wide mouth

  • The technology of anti-slip straw

  • Completely insulated

  • Friendly carrying handle

  • Easy drinking due to rubber nozzle

  • Colder for lasting duration etc.

Tip for Users:

Does it create noise when drinking water? Ice cubes in the bottle may cause some kind of noise. Try it to fill the bottle with cold water or readjust ice cubes properly. Ice position in water bottle may be silent as well as create noise.

Our Vision to Save the World:

We are ambitious to save the world by eliminating and reusing plastic to make reusable water bottles and accessories. Our all products are highly durable and best in designs. The people purchase one million plastic bottles only in a minute and they throw these bottles to garbage, while it takes 400 years to decompose such plastic waste. It is true that 91% of plastic waste is not recycled. We are aiming to do more.

David & Team

Sunflower Initiative:

We have adopted a technique to grow one sunflower for each order we get this year. We are planning to grow many beds of sunflower in communities. This is what we can do to give beauty and nature to the earth back.

Water Bottle Accessories

Flip Top Mouth Lid 2.0 with Insulated Standard (21 oz and 1 gallon)


Early Detail:

  • Price is $10.49 only.

  • Shipping in 2 days for each order greater than $49

  • Free returns for 90 days with money back guarantee

  • Standard insulated

  • Buy it with no fear due to 6000+ verified and original reviews etc.

Product Preview:

It took us 2 years to design, make and bring flip top cap (insulated). We developed it for professional sportsmen and athletes for high-performance games and uses. We believe to go with cold water to stay hydrated when playing and participating in some games like cycling, athlete activities, jogging, biking and running. Design of cap lets you drink water with one hand and effortlessly as well. This cap is easy to clean and it is completely BPA free. Rubber flip top is completely bacteria resistant. It has a unique tab to push the flip easily and open the flip to drink water from mouth easily.

Multi-Compatibility Technology:

We believe that such caps must have multi compatibility and we have tested this top with several coldest and stainless steel water bottles we make. We are ambitious in making the best quality products that can last longer and support your high performance in your physical activities and sports. The insulated cap was designed and made for athletes and professional players for high performing sports.


Multi-compatibility of this flip cap invites the attention of athletes and other users. They can use this cap on stainless steel and coldest water products easily.

Verified Compatibility:

It fit to following types of bottles and brands.

  • Water-vault Bottles of 24 oz only

  • The Coldest Water Bottles

  • Klean Kanteen Classic Mouth Water Bottles

  • Hydro-flask Average Mouth Water Bottles

  • Re-hydrate Pro Standard Mouth Bottles etc.

Possible Compatibility:

It is also possible to fit stainless steel water bottles with inner screw diameter up to 1.75 inches

Impossible Compatibility:

It is not suitable for;

  • Klean Kanteen soda bottles

  • Hydro-flask wide mouth bottles

  • Wide-mouth bottles

  • Hydro-flask Narrow Mouth Bottles

  • Narrow Mouth Bottles

  • Water-vault K2 or soda bottles etc.

Join Us to Save the World:

The people shop almost 1 million plastic bottles only in a minute and it needs 400 consecutive years to decompose this plastic naturally. Almost 91% of plastic bottles and waste are not recycled for productive use. We have just one way to eliminate this plastic waste. Our reusable water bottles and products play a part to reduce plastic waste. These products are greatly durable, flexible and best in use. They can be used as long as you want. Our customers have been using our products which they bought a few years ago. We have to make more efforts.

David and Team

Sunflower Initiative:

It is one of our policies this year to grow sunflower for every order we get. In this way; we grow beds of sunflower to beautify the communities and the whole world as well. This action is good to give natural look back to the earth.

Water Bottle Accessories

Strong Insulated Cap


Primary View:

You need to look into the following information.

  • Buy without any doubt as we have 6000+ positive and original reviews

  • It takes 2 days to deliver the product if your order is more than $49.

  • 3 months money back guarantee

  • Free return

  • Cost is just $8.49.

Buy a New Cap:

Have you lost a strong cap of your water bottle or it got damaged? You can order us for a new one with the same durability and specs.

Water Bottle Accessories

Grips for Bottles

Water Bottles Grips Blue


General Overview:

Grip for bottles carries following general information.

  • $3.99 price only

  • 3 months money back guarantee and free return

  • No hassle to buy, but order with confidence due to more than 6000 original reviews

  • If an order is higher than $49 value, shipping will be just in 2 days.

More for You:

It fits your bottle of 21 oz we make and sell, while it is not suitable for 32 and 64 oz. Further, it is best to replace a dirty grip and change the color of the existing one as well. It may fit bottles of similar shape and size.

Water Bottle Accessories

Pack of 5 Anti-Slip Straws

Pack of 5 Straws


Inspiring Detail:

It is a special offer for all o you.

  • Low price for 5 packs of straws at $9.49 only

  • Purchase with confidence as the company has earned verified reviews more than 6000

  • Money back guarantee for the first 90 days with a free return policy

  • Free shipping if an order is greater than $49

Buy a Big Deal:

You can buy our big deal of 5 straws, while these straws will fit all standard as well as wide mouth caps.

Water Bottle Accessories

Non-Insulated; Wide Mouth Lid

Wide Mouth Flip Top Lid



  • Price is just $9.49 only.

  • We have 6000+ verified reviews; so buy with no fear

  • 2 days free shipping on an order equal or more than $49

  • 3 months money back guarantee along with free returns etc.

Product Description:

We designed and built this cap for the assistance of athletes and professional players in tough sports. We believe in carrying cold water when going to athletic workouts, cycling, jogging, running, biking and other activities. This cap lets you drink water with one hand and effortlessly in a style.


This cap owns multi compatibility features for stainless steel bottle brands and the coldest water bottles as well.

  • All of the coldest water bottles

  • Water-vault bottles

  • Hydro-Flask standard mouth bottles

  • Re-hydrate Pro bottles

  • Klean Kanteen classic mouth bottles etc.

Bacteria Resistant Flip Top:

The cap has an easy carrying handle; while it owns a unique tab that lets you open the flip without using your fingers. It is free of any leakage that is good for people having outdoor activities. It doesn’t care about which liquids and drinks you choose to keep in this bottle as it will be leak-free for all drinks. The mouth of the cap is according to the size of an ice cube. Cap has a handle that allows you to tighten it.

One Way Pressure:

We have used technology to reduce the pressure when pouring in some liquids in these bottles. Cap will let you release the pressure during saving your liquids.

Water Bottle Accessories

32 Ounces Water Bottle Sleeve


Basic Findings:

  • Buy without confusion due to 6000+ verified reviews

  • Free returns, as well as 90 days money back, guarantee

  • 2 days shipping for each order greater than $49

  • $15.99 only

Key Features:

It comes with following specs, functions, and features.

  • Specially built for professional sportsmen and athletes for high-performance games

  • Protects your bottles from dents and damages

  • Improves coldness or hotness of your liquids inside bottles

  • Supports bottle insulation

  • Fits multiple products and cup holders etc.

  • It has an optional strap to carry the bottle.

  • Lasting durability and perfect size

  • Fits to multiple bottles

  • Best bottle protector etc.

Water Bottle Accessories

64 Ounces Water Bottle Sleeve

Primary View:

  • 6000+ verified reviews let you shop it with confidence
  • 90 days money back guarantee supported with free returns
  • Free shipping in days for each order equal or greater than $49
  • $16.99 only

Look at Functions:

  • Supports bottle insulation
  • Protects from damages and dents
  • Improves coldness and hotness of drinks
  • Optional handle to carry a bottle
  • Fits almost all bottle gears and holders
  • Eternally durable
  • Highly beneficial and perfect in size
  • Compatible with multiple bottles etc.


About Product:

It was specially made for professional athletes and sportsmen to support them in high-performance games. We suggest you carry the 1 gallon water bottle that is the best product ever in this world. This bottle sleeve fits multiple-sized water bottles we and others make. Secondly, it can support insulation features and performance of the water bottle. You can use it in hot summer and enjoy your cold drinks as long as you want. It fits all cup holders, racks, mounted stands and other places used to carry bottles. It is lasting durable and best to keep your drinks cold and hot for a long course of time.

Water Bottle Accessories

The Coldest Water Bottle Brush; 3 in 1


Basic Detail:

  • 2 days shipping in the USA over a purchase of $49

  • 3 months money back guarantee with free returns

  • Buy without any fear due to 6000+ verified reviews

  • $11.99 only

Notable Features:

  • Made for stainless steel water bottles for deep cleaning

  • 3 in 1; clean your bottle, straws and lids

  • It makes the cleaning process easy and fast.

  • Lasting durable

  • Easy to carry and move etc.

Product Description:

We believe to build the goods for specific motives. It is the world’s best bottle brush with multiple functions and specs. It helps you cleaning water bottles, lids and straws at a high speed. You can clean bottles deeply and completely to make contamination free. It is suitable to clean a number of stainless steel water bottles and caps. It is stronger and long lasting durability with peak performance. You can return it free if not satisfied with features and performance within the next 90 days.

Water Bottle Accessories

21 Ounces Water Bottle Sleeve



  • Feel free to buy it due to more than 6000 verified customer reviews

  • 90 days money back guarantee along with free returns

  • 2 days USA shipping if your order is higher than $49

  • Cost of products is just $14.99 etc.

Core Functions and Features:

  • It protects your bottles from drop and dents

  • Enhances bottle insulation

  • Keeps liquids hot and cold for the next many years

  • Easy to fit on many bottles

  • Compatible with all Coldest Water bottles

  • Optional handle to carry and move

  • 100% accurate and perfect size

  • Lasting durable

  • Fits to car and bike racks and cup holders etc.

Further Detail:

This sleeve fits too many types of water bottles, while it is best compatible with cup holders, car and bike racks. It improves performance as well as insulation of your water bottles. Further, it is available in perfect size and with eternal durability. It owns an optional carrying handle to move with bottle quite easily. Basically, this accessory was designed and built for athletes, sportsmen and gym use. It is one of the more important parts of gym goers. It fits the needs of users in outdoor activities, traveling and some sports practices.

Water Bottle Accessories

Standard Flip Lid; for 21 oz Bottle


General Overview:

  • 2 days shipping in the USA for every order equal as well as greater than $49

  • 3 months money back guarantee and free returns

  • $8.99 price

  • Buy with no doubt and fear as the company earned 6000+ verified and original reviews etc.

Best Build for:

This BPA free cap is fully insulated and built for professional sportsmen and athletes for their tough uses. It fits the drinking needs of cyclists, racers, runners and many other athletes. It makes drinking process effortless and easy for users within one hand.

Compatibility Detail:

Our all brands are compatible with all of our water bottles and stainless steel brands. However, we trust in multi compatibility features. This cap is compatible with;

  • Water-vault bottles
  • The Coldest Water bottles
  • Re-hydrate Pro standard bottles
  • Klean Kanteen Classic Mouth bottles
  • Hydro-flask Standard Mouth bottles etc.

Bacteria Resistant Features:

Flip top of this cap doesn’t as for any push to drink water. You can keep drinking water within one hand use, while the cap is built for easy to carry purpose. It is best for outdoor and indoor uses as it is 100% leak free for all types of drinks and liquids. Cap’s mouth is bigger enough that it can let ice cubes pour in. Handle on the cap lets you use more torque to tighten the lid and prevent germs and bacteria. It is free of bacteria and BPA. Structure of cap is 100% bacteria and BPA resistant. It offers one-way pressure. You can get the pressure out when pouring some liquids or ice cubes.