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Parents of Newborns don’t Follow the Safe Sleep Rules for Infants

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Parents of Newborns don’t Follow the Safe Sleep Rules for Infants

Parents mostly recite rules of safe sleep for infants whenever someone asks them about safety rules. They say to put the infants on their own back on a firmed surface rather than loose bedding. In the latest study, researchers recorded babies with their parents in homes. They noted that how much parents affect the sleep of infants in daily routine. In fact, the study was much unbiased, while there were many in numbers that broke Safe Sleep Rules for infants.


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At One Month:

  • Parent put almost 21% of infants on an unsafe surface.

  • They didn’t put 14% on their own back.

  • They used the crib, positions, bedding, pillows, stuffed animals and bumper pads to put 91% infants for sleep.

  • They replaced 28% of babies to other places like with parents at night.

At Three Months:

  • Parents used an unsafe place to put 10% of babies for sleep.

  • They did not put 18% infants on their back to sleep.

  • Parents used crib to put 87% of babies.

  • Almost 18% of babies moved to bed with parents at night.

At Six Months:

  • 12% of babies slept on an unsafe surface.

  • 33% of babies didn’t sleep on their back.

  • 93% of babies used crib for sleeping.

  • Just 12% of babies moved during the night to somewhere.

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It is not stunning as past studies proved the same results. A study last year discovered that almost 50% of parents don’t focus on proper recommendations. Sudden Unexplained Infant Death is the main reason behind preventing rules. However, this is a rare thing that happens with almost 100 kids out of 100,000 infants. Many parents avoid the right ways because they think it may be going to happen with their infants. Odds are possible, but they need to give safe rules for infant sleep that will create big differences.

Nothing in the crib was the most common ethic which the parents broke. Many parents feel it good and necessary to use blankets for their infants as it is risky for them to put babies on a bare mattress. But, infants don’t require bedding as well as blankets. Do you not think that the life of your infants with blankets may be a big risk?

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Don’t Underestimate The Power of Sleep Deprivation of Newborns:

It is true that we shouldn’t underestimate the effect and power of sleep deprivation when it involves newborns. Some terrible sleeping infants wake up their parents several times a night. Sure, it will irritate parents in sleeping who need at least eight hours rest. It is understandable that many babies do not like sleeping on their backs or they prefer on the chest of their fathers. So, parents use wrong measures in desperate times for sleeping their infants.

However, most parents try their best to teach infants for sleeping on their own backs as well as alone. So, this desperate time will definitely pass. Sure, sleep deprivation is actual, but it doesn’t last forever. We didn’t produce these rules on based on some researches made in the past to keep babies safe and alive in sleep.

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