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Do You Drink Enough Water to Keep You Hydrated?

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Do You Drink Enough Water to Keep You Hydrated?

The Importance of Hydration: Do You Drink Enough Water?

“I’m dying of the thirst”, it is never said this until you have a dry throat, whitish mouth and there is an urgent wish to drink a large glass of water. Unfortunately, if you believe nutrition experts when your body sends you this signal, it’s already too late. This feeling of thirst indicates that you have failed to provide your body with a constant amount of water it needs.

Are you participating in a charity marathon this year?

Do you wish to participate in the Iron Man competition?

You will have to do everything you can to improve athletic performance. It includes keeping a water bottle and drinking regularly.

If you’re an athlete or an amateur who trains himself as a mature athlete while you’re preparing for an important event – it even has more importance to drink enough water during a day. The real benefits are incredible.

Stay satisfied by drinking water regularly from the water bottle carrying with you during the day.

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But how do you know if you drink enough water every day?

What is my fluid requirement per day?

In general, you can use this simple formula:

Need in liquids:
Weight (kg)
Hours of sport per day
The liquid in ml/day


Drink regularly throughout the day because your intestines can’t absorb more than 200 ml every 15 minutes.

Approximate recommendations for active days.

For an hour or more of physical exercise, we recommend adding …

0.5 liters of water for moderate intensity exercises
1 liter for a high-intensity workout
1.5 liters for extreme intensity exercises

Per Hour:

Do not forget to drink more in case of hot weather or if you are at altitude.

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More Specific Recommendations for Active Days:

It is difficult to give you an exact answer but you can determine the amount of water you need by yourself! Try this, get on your scale before your run or your workout (no clothes). After training, weigh yourself again and subtract your weight before the race to your weight after the race. If you have drunk something during your run, also subtract that amount of fluid. The result of this subtraction corresponds to the liquids that you have lost (perspiration in liters = difference of weight in kg). Multiply that value by 1.5 and you get the amount of water you should drink before training.

Let’s Take An Example:

Before a race of 6 km at an outside temperature of 12 ° C, the scale displays 65.7 kg and just after the race 65.3 kg (both measurements were taken without clothes and without drinking water during the race).

The loss of fluid (perspiration) can be calculated by subtracting the weight before the race to the weight after the race:
65.7 – 65.3 = 0.4 kg = 400 g → 400 ml

Multiply this value by 1.5 and you get the optimal amount of water to consume before this training session:
400 x 1.5 = 600 ml



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What should I drink?

Water and unsweetened teas are the best. On more active days, you can also opt for homemade energy drinks or some mineral water.

Try to always have a bottle of water on hand and drink one or two sips regularly. This will help keep you hydrated throughout the day.

See you soon,

The Coldest Water Team

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