When planning a day out with your dog, there are some essentials you need to bring along with you to make sure you have in order to have a fun and safe day out. Here are five must-haves for your dog’s walking kit:

1. A Leash and Collar:

A good quality leash and a well-fitting collar are a must! A leash is an essential part of keeping your dog safe on a walk. A comfortable collar or harness is important for both you and your dog. It should be snug but not too tight, and it should allow you to easily attach a leash. Always make sure your dog is properly leashed and collared before leaving home – this is for both their safety and yours.

2. ID Tags:

In the event that your dog gets lost, having proper ID tags will help ensure they get returned to you as quickly as possible. There are a few different types of ID tags that you can choose from, each with their own set of pros and cons. The most important thing is to make sure that your contact information is up-to-date and legible. The most common type of ID tag is the metal plate with your contact information engraved on it. These tags are usually the most durable and easily read, but they can also be the most expensive. Another option is a plastic tag with your information printed on it. These are often less durable than metal tags, but they tend to be less expensive

3. A bowl of fresh, clean water:

Dogs can get dehydrated quickly, so it’s important to bring along water for them to drink. Dogs need water just as much as we do, especially when out on a long walk. While out on a walk with your dog, have a bowl of fresh water waiting for them to drink from when you stop. Bring along an empty water bowl and fill it up at a nearby faucet – your dog will appreciate the fresh drink, and you’ll be keeping them safe and healthy. This small gesture can make a big difference in your dog’s quality of life, especially during the summer months.

4. Waste Bags or Poop bags.

No one likes picking up dog poop, but it’s a necessary evil. Be sure to have plenty of bags on hand so you can clean up after your dog.

5. Treats:

There are several reasons why you should bring treats for your dog when walking. The most obvious reason is that it will help keep your dog by your side and under control. Dogs love treats, and by providing them with one every now and then, you are reinforcing the idea that walking next to you is a great thing. In addition, treats can be used to distract your dog from distractions on the street or in other areas. If your dog sees something that he or she wants to chase or investigate, offering a treat

In a perfect world, we could just leave our house and take our dog for a walk whenever we felt like it. Unfortunately, the world is not always perfect, which is why having a designated walking kit is so important. Just like we have a bag packed with snacks and water bottles for our day hikes, we need to be ready for those moments when we spontaneously decide to go on a walk with our furry friends.
Dogs need to exercise too, and what better way to give them a good workout than by taking them for a walk? This article provides a list of the five essentials you need for a successful Sunny Day Dog Walking experience. By following these tips, you and your dog can enjoy a fun, safe walk together. Be sure to check out our blog for more tips and advice on how to keep your dog healthy and happy.