It may appear as a very simple query, but, it is a significant one. Does a good mattress truly change anything? Are mattresses only a luxury item or they have become a medical requisite? Are mattress makers simply stealing the money of people through high-end mattresses or are they really giving some life-changing recommendation?

In the recent few years, every expert person whether a multi-millionaire hedge fund investor or a sleep expert from the National Sleep Foundation, has arrived at a very insightful and same conclusion that sound sleep is very much important for human health.

Having a good night’s sleep will help improve your memory, reduce stress levels, make more focused, be happier and make better relations improve productivity, maintains optimal blood pressure, avoiding premature aging, losing weight and live longer.

But, the question here is how can one get a good night’s sleep? Well, the major factor which can help you in getting some good rest is a good mattress. Many people prefer lying on hard mattresses whereas; there are some who would want to have some rest on the softest ones. It is very important to understand that different body types have different sleep requirements. Those who are suffering from back pain needs to sleep on hard mattresses as the pain will aggravate even more. This is why it is very important to know what type of mattress suits your body type and eventually go for one.


Problems Mattress User Face:

  • Disturbed memory: When you are not able to get a night of good sleep, your ability to retain information will diminish gradually.
  • Feeling less aware: If you feel that you are less aware of your surroundings, you can easily blame this to a bad mattress. This is mainly because you have not received adequate sleep and your mind is cloudy. You can get distracted easily and your cognitive abilities will also get affected.
  • Blood pressure: having interrupted sleep cycles will also result in fluctuating blood pressure levels leading to potential heart problems. When you sleep, your body releases hormones that help in regulating stress and when stress builds up, it can cause increased blood pressure.
  • Depression: A poor mattress can have devastating effects on your mental state. You can feel insomnia and you can also go to a state of depression.

Buying mattress from a trusted brand is very important as both physical and mental health greatly depends upon the mattress you are sleeping upon. The Coldest Mattress is one of the best and most renowned mattress brands. The brand has offerings that cater to the requirements of a good night’s sleep. It helps to improve both mental and physical health. There are many other mattresses available in the market; however, a major difference between The Coldest Mattress and other brands is that you can get The Coldest Mattress sells it mattresses for a lot less than other models with similar quality. Moreover, The Coldest Mattresses are more responsive than other brands due to the superior quality.


Turning and Tossing:

A good mattress is very important to achieve good back health. To get a mattress which provides a good night’s sleep involves attaining both the right comfort level and the right support. This aspect has led mattress manufacturers to think deep inside and come up with brands that cater both mental and physical health requirements so that you can get a good night’s rest and wake up fresh in the morning.

A wrong mattress will not provide adequate support to your body as it will reinforce a poor sleeping posture. Different mattresses have incorporated different elements such as being highly responsive to movements to being lesser responsive. This depends upon an individual’s own preferences and determined at the time of purchase. A good mattress will hold you in place and will also minimize movement waves which are quite disturbing and uncomfortable for both you and your partner.

Joint and Back Pain:

Mattresses that offer your body good support and assure comfort are a treat for your spine. It is properly aligned and your pressure points will not be pressured towards pain. This also avoids the cracking sound in your neck which most people experience when they wake in the morning.

An ideal mattress is one which provides support to your back in a neutral position, it conforms to the natural curvature of your spine and your head, shoulder, buttocks, and heels should be provided support in proper alignment.

A mattress which is very firm will not be able to help maintain a proper sleep posture as it creates several pressure points. However, generally, firmer mattresses do work better for people who have lower back pains. According to research conducted by Spanish sleep experts; it was found that people who sleep at medium-firm mattress have lesser back pains (5.6 on a scale of 1 to 10). Another thing that most of us do not know is that mattresses need to be changed after every few years as it collects dust mites and accentuates different types of allergies. If you are suffering from lower back pain when you first get up in the morning and that pain disappears in 15 – 20 minutes, then this is an indication that you should change your mattress.


How can The Coldest Mattress Help?

The Coldest Mattress is a privately held, U.S-based, manufacturer and e-commerce company which are engaged in making and selling sleep product and Water Bottles online. Its headquarters are in Naples, Florida City and they are building the best mattress, your last mattress, built of the highest quality materials, and designed to keep you cooler at night. The mission of The Coldest Mattress brand is,

“A great product, great price, easy delivery and a 110-day trial period only get you so far. We wanted to build something that we would use and love. We’re athletes and high performers looking for a better nights rest”.

The Coldest Mattresses are not only providing a mattress to sleep, rather they want to give customers a better sleep as they claim ‘the foundation of a great life. And who does not want a great life? The aim of the company is on benefits rather than features. They want to deliver something better. People should buy a set of values. Their signature ‘just right’ not too soft, not too firm mattresses give you your comfort zone.

The Wave Mattress:

This new super comfortable mattress comprises of an ergonomic system which aligns the human body at 33 pressure points. When your body is adequately aligned with the mattress, you will be having a comfortable sleep at night and will wake up fresh next day. Also, the velvety soft top layer provides luxurious comfort which deals with discomfort over time. The Coldest Mattress also addresses overheating issues with its ultra-breathable foams and a humidity-fighting cover which will help in staying cool and staying asleep.


Coldest Mattress:

The Coldest Mattress is one of the fastest growing mattresses brands. Their mattresses extend adequate support that helps your shoulders and hips. With its Imbued Coldest Memory Foam, The Ridge Airflow System, breathability, perfect balance of support, alignment, and comfort, you will feel like you are sleeping on a dreamy cloud – as its customers refer it. A soft layer of foam is adjusted beneath your shoulders so that pressure is relieved and you stay comfortable and firmer. Foam glided under the hips and core which provides a proper spine alignment.

The Essential:

The Coldest Mattress is soft yet firm, bouncy and offers support to pressure points along with cradling curves. Through this mattress, The Coldest Water Company caters the requirements of those who want a high-quality mattress which is comfortable and meets their sleep requirements and which also fits within their pocket. The Coldest Mattress is built to last – night after night. They are good for bad backs, stomach sleepers, as well as someone looking for a cooler, better nights rest. It also Passes federal flammability and CPSC standards.



The Coldest Mattress is doing for better sleep and is known for its high-quality mattresses that are available at moderate prices online, The Coldest Mattress has become the most beloved and noteworthy mattress company. The brand is currently offering 6 sizes that are popular for great body alignment, breathability, motion isolation, and hassle-free delivery.

Having a good night’s sleep is very important as it directly affects your physical ability and mental strength. Having adequate sleep will improve your concentration levels as well as your productivity. Moreover, you will be lesser prone to heart diseases and your immune system will also function better. The Coldest Mattresses not only improve your body alignment and manage correct sleep posture, but, it also provides comfortable sleep which relaxes your mind and body.

The Coldest Mattresses offer support to every part of your body being it your shoulders, hips or back. Its popular design is ready to make your room look new and you will never regret the high quality this mattress has to offer. You will experience a peaceful sleep at night. Your dreams and ambitions can come true when you wake up the next day. The best thing about The Coldest Mattress is that they are available at affordable prices. It helps the maximum amount of people can have a good night’s sleep and excel in their work.

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