We all have a habit that keeps using the same plastic bottle from drinking. However, drinking from the same plastic water bottle could be very bad for your health! We explain to you why!

Concerned about your health, you are careful to hydrate yourself. Better, you never leave your home without your bottle and ready to consume your recommended two liters daily. But is this plastic water bottle that you carry everywhere really a good idea? It seems that more and more studies are showing that no. It is not a good idea; the reusable plastic water bottle is dangerous for human health.

Indeed, plastic bottles can release chemicals in the water when exposed to high temperatures. Think of the number of times you left your bottle in a car in the sun. It is then possible to find bis-phenol A or S in the water. Several studies have shown that bis-phenol can cause problems during pregnancy or worsen the risk of heart problems. Before drinking water, be careful to keep the plastic bottles away from heat. The best way is to buy the stainless steel water bottle for safe drinking.

Fill a Plastic Bottle Again – You should Ban this Habit

You have been using the same plastic bottle for several weeks already? Not sure it’s the best idea! According to a study carried out by several authorities, recycled bottled water contains more bacteria than a dog’s bowl … In addition; these bacteria are likely to make us sick. So advice, we do not reuse plastic bottles and we clean well and regularly its bottle!

The Right of Reply Granted to the National Federation of Packaged and Bottled Waters:

There is no risk in drinking a bottle of water exposed to hot temperatures. Even heated by the sun, the water contained in a closed, unopened bottle remains healthy. Indeed, the PET that makes up the bottles is subject to very strict regulations applying to all plastic packaging in contact with food. However, it is possible that sunlight or heat changes the taste and appearance of water. On the labels, it is indicated that the water should be kept “away from light, in a clean, dry, temperate and odorless place”. The sole purpose of this recommendation is to preserve the best of its taste and aromatic qualities.


The Coldest Water Bottle – 1 Gallon

If you are ever at the gym for routine workouts or on the workplace, you will need that water bottle that shoots 2 birds with the same stone. Not only a water bottle is able to keep your water cold or allow you to drink water but it should allow you to drink how you would prefer it. For the drinking, a water bottle needs to have extra enhancements that allow you to drink water without having to go through the struggle of tilting. Imagine how discomforting it is to tilt an entire gallon of water. The coldest water bottle comes bundled to cater to several needs beyond your imagination.

Did you know that the coldest water bottle has been built with the capability to keep your water cold for up to 36+ hours? Meaning, if you desire your water to be at a certain temperature then it is an easy job for this 1-gallon water bottle to accomplish. The ability to keep water cold for long allows you to cool your body temperature as you work out at the gym or whole day work. Also, the fact that this water bottle comes with a gallon in the capacity you have the assurance to always have your water nearby how you would like it.


If you have the right water in your body when you work out or on work, you will have the right energy levels to keep going and this henceforth pays off with a better body build of muscles thus achieving your body goals. Same is true for work also.