I am not the average person, I don’t drink pop or sports drink like other people. I prefer to drink water. I love when it is cold, but when I have to go somewhere, it’s hard to keep it cold. I don’t like using plastic ones when I can help it as you never know what chemicals might be in it and could possibly leach into the water you are drinking. Glass is okay, but if you drop it, then you have to worry about shattered glass and chipped bottles. Stainless steel is the best in my opinion, and this bottle has to be one of the nicest I have ever seen. The bottle has a coating on the outside, so you don’t feel the cold metal on the outside so much, but the inside keeps the bottle cold. I put a bit of ice in the bottle along with some filtered water and took it with me throughout my day or errands and cleaning. It fits nicely in any cup holder and at the bottom there is a silicone type band to help you grip the bottle. The lid screws off and on, so when you get the lid on, there is no worry about it coming off. I used a caribiner and attached it to my purse to carry while I was out.
I love this bottle and I have a feeling my husband will be snagging it from me off and on.

Review by on September 30, 2015