Shopping is a hard and confusing matter for most times. Finding some environment and user-friendly products makes shopping even difficult. The Coldest Water is starting a “Sustainable Shopping” series in order to deliver an expert’s level of knowledge with readers. This will compile a guide of instructions and suggestions helping people find the best water bottles.

There are so many choices for the people when it comes about drinking water. There are several products available in the markets but America’s tap water is famous everywhere. Which choice is smart? You have to consider the environment perspectives in this matter. The Waste Management Hierarchy, the most important choice saves the environment as well as health. It is also essential to see financial savings whenever picking an option.


Mostly the single-use water bottles are preferred but these are filling our oceans and lands with garbage. This plastic garbage is making thousands of tons in pollution. It would be better to avoid the plastic or other single-use bottles as these will end up in the landfills or oceans after utilization.

We know that most people don’t believe that single-use bottles (even recyclable) are bad for the environment and health. Drinking from these water bottles contains lots of toxins and chemicals. On the other hand, the bottled water products come with an unknown source or origin. Do you know the source of your local bottled water company? Most will not but surveys suspect that these bottled water products are filled from the tap water. In this scenario, choosing reusable bottles seems the most effective solution. You can buy the best reusable bottle in the long run.

The cycle of Life:

This is a method which is used to recognize the environmental impacts of an item or product to use, produced by the manufacturer or to disposal. In 2010, an Italian Life Cycle study suggested that reusable water bottles are safer than the PET bottles. This study also confirmed that heavy glass bottles cover more space than the PET bottles. This is why reusable water bottles should be used with these points in mind.


Reusable Options:

In 2011, The Coldest Water Bottle compared the investigated life cycles of steel, aluminum and polypropylene plastic. These are some common reusable materials. Aluminum and steel received more impact on the environment and the production process. These were among the high-intensity materials sharing the metal structures. The space covering capacity of these bottles was also high. In contrast, the reusable plastic bottles covered less space. This doesn’t make the plastic bottles safe for the environment even if these are recyclable.

Maintaining the Reusable Options:

It is essential to focus on reusable stainless steel bottles in order to lower the environmental impact. These bottles such as Coldest Water Bottles are best for the users as well as the environment. There is less risk of pollution if you use reusable bottles. All you have to do is keep these bottles clean. Enjoy drinking tap water in order to stay healthy and to save huge amounts per year.