In some studies, there are found that heat is the source of reducing lower back pain. In some evidence, you can see that cold can help to reduce lower back pain but overall people find that both heat pack and an ice pack can do this. There is some suggestion regarding this issue. We will discuss some of the suggestions here.

Heat to Alleviate Low Back Pain:

  • In one time, during the heat should be between fifteen to twenty minutes. Soggy heat like baths showers or hot packs can give better results than any dry warmth.
  • Attempt a throughout the day heat covering, these are accessible in all local drug stores.
  • In the case, if you are utilizing electric warming cushion, don’t try to nod off with them. In case you figure you may nod off, set a timer to go off in twenty minutes. These electric heating cushions can only be used in the low and medium forms but don’t try to use in the high form.

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Ice Pack to Alleviate Low Back Pain:

An ice pack can release the torment, aggravation and swelling from wounds and many different conditions like joint inflammations. There are many types of packs available in the market.

  • Ice Towel: In this way, dip a towel in the freezing like water; crush it until all the water gone away. Crease the towel in a plastic pack and place it in the freezer for around fifteen minutes. Take out a towel from the pack and then use it around the influenced area.
  • Ice Pack: Take half kg of ice in the plastic pack, add some water to scarcely cover the ice. Remove air from the bag and cover it from the top. Wrapping it with the cold towel and use if at the influenced area. It is better to buy the Coldest Ice pack.
  • Domestically Made Mush Pack: Blend three cups of water and 1 cup of liquor in a frozen pack. Cover it from the top and spot it in the cooler until the mush shapes. Refreeze the sack when mush dissolves.
  • Freezing Vegetables filled packet
  • Ice Cup: Take 70% water in the paper cup, place it in the cooler for a hard ice. Prior to utilize, strip sufficiently back paper to uncover a portion of ice. Wipe the frozen ice above the influenced area for up to 5 minutes.

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Apply Ice Pack:

Use ice or ice packs something like three times each day. For the initial 72 hours of the injury, in the first day use ice for around ten minutes once in an hour, after this use ice after two to three hours. Generally, the rule is that to use ice for ten to fifteen minutes a day. Three times should be morning, early evening and prior to an hour before sleeping time. Additionally, ice the affected area after any action or overwhelming workout.

There should be a clammy fabric among your skin and ice pack, and press immovably against every one of the bend of the influenced region. The time period should not exceed than 20 minutes in one time. Furthermore, don’t try to sleep with these ice packs on your skin.

You can also use the combination of heat packs and ice packs for better relief. In the first phase use the heat packs for around fifteen to twenty minutes, then stay for some hours. For the second phase use ice packs for around ten to fifteen minutes. This combination will give you the proper relax environment.