Top Five Things to Take with You on Your Next Cruise

Knowing the top five things to take with you on your next cruise is the priority to help save costs and coordinate your moments. Frankly, taking certain simple steps can drastically change the outcome of a cruise away from home. With that said, the following are steps to protect your health while influencing your nights to enjoy the best parts of life on your next cruise.

  1. Skin Protection with SPF (30 SPF Minimum)

Skin protection is a must ‘bring along’ during a cruise; one of the five things to take with you on your next cruise. First, you deserve the kind of protection that skin screens can offer. Second, others around you appreciate the scent of those mouth-watering perfumes that represent those useful chemicals in sunscreens. Third, people feel better when they have the chance to pamper themselves, whether in public or not. Finally, a sunscreen is a cost effective idea overall; being it costs more when you forget stuff and have to invest in the cruise prices (if they actually stock what you want and need).


During the initial pack for the cruise, stock up on any sunscreen bottles, sprays, or sticks that have the required SPF (30 SPF minimum). According to sources, SPF is a proven factor of skin protection from UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, take more than one size; a big and a small poolside supply is suffice for a cruise. Include lip balm. It’s worth the extra weight.

UVA Rays

Finally, to address the issues of skin cancer; according to sources, A rays (UVA) is the perpetrator that causes sunburn as those rays continue to penetrate into the layer of the skin; as a result, wrinkles begin to form. Unfortunately, sources have not configured a method to developing protection ratings that pertain to against harmful UVA rays. Ideally, investigate the shelves for the following ingredients during your next shopping venture for that perfect sunscreen: avobenzone, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, or ecamsule.

Water Resistant SPF Protection

A good water resistant sunscreen continues to provide SPF level protection up to 40 minutes of exposure to the water. Also, a water resistant sunscreen is useful during sweating conditions.

  • Sunscreen Stick SPF 50. Perfect for applying dry or wet, the Sunscreen Stick is approved for daily use–even on sensitive skin. It simply protects the skin and can be applied while enjoying swimming and water activities. Ideally, this particular formula spreads easily and dries fast to a clear finish (within seconds); and can be used to protect children’s skin from harmful UV rays. Overall, consumers appreciate its size (approx. 3” x 1.5”). The Sunscreen Stick SPF 50 nicely fits into a small pocket or purse.
  • Yes to Cucumbers Natural Sunscreen SPF 30. This easy application contains ingredients that are listed as 97% natural. SPF 30 is a water resistant brand that is an easy application for hard to get to locations as well as a pleasant formula with hypoallergenic factors. Additionally, this petroleum, SLS, and paraben-free formula rubs into the skin without leaving a residual mess. Note: Yes to Cucumbers Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 is a creamy application; in other words, ensure that your moments in the sun are through before attempting to remove its slickness with a simple showing action; rough fabrics (e.g., a loofah sponge) is recommended during the removal process.
  • Advanced Suncare Clear Coll Lotion SPF 50+. The sunscreen lotion brand protects the skin from the sun while existing as a fragrance. According to reviews, L’Oreal makes an advanced sunscreen for that invisible protection of SPF 50+. For sunscreen use: simply apply 15 minutes before going out into the sun and reapply after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating. There are additional skin-enhancing ingredients (e.g., vitamin E and grapeseed) for that beautiful and healthy skin texture; one of the five things to take with you on your next cruise.
  1. Contact Information

Although travelers leave to get away, access to contact numbers–which is one of five things to take with you on your next cruise–remains as a top priority. As many can remember, interviewers require contact information for people that you already may think about from time to time. In relation, it is equally important to embellish in cherishing contact information to business partners, friends and acquaintances met on the way to destinations. There is always a time when someone else, surprisingly, contacts your number to get to another number. Save your time and effort by remembering to value the hard work that you have completed a long time ago. Keep a contact list save for your times of travel.

Download an effective app: one of five things to take with you on your next cruise. A contact app from Google Play and/or Apple’s App Store can assist to organize useful contact information. Easily create a sorted address book. As featured Sync.ME (Android, IOS) is equipped with a contact management tool; enabling the user to gain contact information from your Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts to automatically be updated with their latest profile photos and related contact details; knowing birthday while still having access to photo sharing.

  • Cloze (Android, iOS)

This amusing app is designed to collect network communicators (i.e., people from your social network). According to reviews, the Cloze App sorts the information from emails, tweets, Facebook posts. Thereafter, bits of information are set into a ‘per-person context’. This is a free account where a user is welcome to authenticate access to a selected variety of social networks and email accounts; however, the Cloze program only allows one social network to be used. Ultimately, Cloze is an entertaining way to judge your connections from a 1 to 100 scale, as the people–i.e. responsiveness/balance in exchanging/fresh content–with the highest score become your ‘Key People’.

  • Addappt (Android, iOS)

This app is good for group communications; however, the other parties have to decide to use Addappt as the ideal method of communicating with you. It is a good app to send group messages; preferred for business contacts–there is no need to ask for new updated address info from your clients. The Addapt app automatically sends the updated version to you upon request (i.e., when you bring the contact’s name up, the newest email address will be shown automatically.

  • Drupe (Android)

This all around communicator allocates all of your contacts from a variety of network groups. In other words, your contacts from WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc. are launched whenever you sign into Drupe. Overall, this is a simple app where you can indulge in conference calls, group emails while sending out calendar invites.

  1. Land, Marine, and Sky Maps (with Reference Information)

Cruises and cruising spots are available for travelers to enjoy certain aspects of life. Whether it’s staring at the sky, sea, land, or air, a guide–to what to look forward to enduring–helps to ease the mind. Furthermore, there are plenty of options to dream about, if someone or groups tend to be in your way (all of the time). In fact, there is an envy for the ones that are so knowledgeable during any trip away from home.

Chiefly, guidebooks that specifically relate to animal descriptions, examples of what’s below the water’s surface to the names and locations of the stars that repetitively gleam throughout the clear night’s sky. Plus, knowing the faces of the moon can simplify general situations while ignoring a sudden sickness (placebo issues).

Below there is a short listing of what to look forward to during your next trip out over past the shores into the oceans. For the most, cruises enable passengers to get to allocate their priorities; one of the five things to take with you on your next cruise. Luckily, most guidebooks are available via the Internet as ebooks. Books size varies; there are small handy guidebooks and ebooks continue to be available for the larger 200-page versions for your readers.

  • Cruising the Southern & Western Caribbean

Written by Larry H. Ludmer, this 299-page ebook can be played on any android and iPad/iPhone. This an interesting guide that covers places like Aruba, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Key West, Colombia, Trinidad, and many more. Plus, there are maps, photo images of cruise ships, along with informative listings about vessels in the region and their services, cabin details, dining options, etc.; an ultimate guidebook for cruise passengers.

  • Night Sky

This pocket reference to the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere is filled with content that is concise and versatile for all ages. Packed with special ideas, Night Sky is a glow-in-the-dark guide to popular stars and constellations north of the equator; the stars can be seen with the naked eye. Plus, this guidebook comes laminated for durability.

  • Photography: Night Sky

This particular 176-page ebook is filled with tips and tricks for taking stunning photographs in the twilight. Co-author Jennifer Wu, along with author James Martin, include credible advice that pertains to the moon and stars; then, on to the Milky Way. Her new guide features methods and ‘concentrations’ on photographing four principal subjects: star trails, stars as points of light, the moon, and twilight. Overall, Photography: Night Sky preferred as a clear and general guidebook to enhance photography skills.

Additional Reading Materials

Along the way to anywhere, navigation is a keen entity of safe travel; this is one the five things to take with you on your next cruise. Forget about guessing where to go or what part of the earthly town you have been through over time. You best bet is to gather your navigation materials (e.g., maps, restaurant guides, and other hospitality-oriented locations) in a waterproof package or bag. Additionally, waterproof paged reference books are well worth the price in the long run. Remember, not every cruise has an efficient bookstore and online mail order can become an expense to anyone, including you. A great read is never a dead end during travel times either.

A Favorite Novel

A perfect read for your cruise time is ‘The Bonfire of the Vanities’ by Tom Wolfe. This is a regret to put down, as it reads fluently about an investment banker making a load of cash every year. His ego is then boosted to the extent of noticing the important things in life (intimate companionship and money). Overall, throughout this particular novel, scenes continue to jump from twisted plot to ‘comic setups’, although the plot is simply understood as a man–named Sherman–messes around and the natural forces of a large begin to devour him, moment after moment, by showing as a grand host in honor of social problems. This novel sounds like a page turner.

  1. Sunglasses

Finding the best sunglasses for a cruise is usually a difficult task. On shore, most stores do not have just what you’re looking to purchase. It’s acceptable to sacrifice a few features, for the most part. However, common shades are designed to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays that are produced by the sun. Fortunately, most department stores have a selection of good sunglasses–one of the five things to take with you on your next cruise

Top Shades:

  • Ray-Ban: This company was established about 75 years by an American company. Well-known styles are called Wayfarer and Aviator which have different types of lenses. Ray-Ban uses a selection of lenses that block 100% of all UV rays and allow a minimal transparency; soften the color and brightness of objects; protect people’s sensitive eyes after cataract surgery; and transitional lenses that are clear while indoors and automatically become darker when exposed to the brightness and heat of sunlight.
  • Dior: For the more European look, certain crowds tend shop at luxurious fashion vendors. Fortunately, there are a number of high-quality fashion accessories that are available for sales from France. In addition to footwear, jewelry, and fragrances, Christian Dior supplies unique sunglasses.
  1. The Coldest Water Bottle: #1 of the five things to take with you on your next cruise

Get The Water Bottle!

The Coldest Water Bottle is the number one thing people should bring on cruise. According to sources, temperatures are mostly kept while keeping the liquid cool. However, its reliability in structure and remaining durable–after being sat on and tossed around–is an outstanding factor.

  • Insulated with Stainless Steel, the coldest water bottle keeps water temperatures low for 25 hours. This particular water bottle design in equipped with double walls and is vacuum sealed. Overall the Coldest Water Bottle brand is guaranteed to last as an efficient entity of enjoying cold water that stays as fresh as the original contents.