What is a custom stainless steel water bottle?

Custom stainless steel water bottles are those made according to a client’s specification. They may have something printed on them, such as a message, a picture or a specific design that the customer wants. These are extremely beautiful to the eye because the personal touch adds some aesthetic value to the bottle. These are the bottles that deliver to the client not just in terms of the beauty associated with the bottles, but also in terms of quality. These bottles can be viewed as the best of both worlds, beautiful both on the outside and the inside. These bottles can serve as the ideal gift to family or friends or they can serve the purpose of a personalized thank you note to everyone that attended an event. Whichever the purpose, custom stainless steel water bottles are a great way to put your point across.

Why choose to use custom stainless steel water bottles?

The use of custom stainless steel water bottles is a valuable method of marketing your company. When you use a customized water bottle for your events, you are putting your company’s name “out there” in a special way. This is because you are not just using the old mainstream advertisement methods like use of printed t-shirts or caps. If you give a customized water bottle, you will be building your customer base in more ways than one. If somebody happens to come across your water bottle that is customized, they will most likely enquire about your company and services, if they don’t already know. Since the bottle is likely to have the names of the partners that hosted an event, the water bottle company that branded the bottles is also likely to benefit in case there is another event, this shows you one of the reasons why it would be valuable to invest in custom stainless steel water bottles.

Custom stainless steel water bottles are also the perfect event give-away for any event, any day. This is because they are a way of letting the people who attended an event know that their presence is appreciated. It adds a personal touch to the whole event and as human beings; we all love to be appreciated. When a person feels like they are of value to your company, they feel obligated to do right by you. This is what happens when you give out custom stainless steel water bottles to the people that attend an event. There may be interesting conversations that spark up during the event that will bring a positive improvement through to your company if you choose to give water bottles as a gift to those attending your promotional event.

Custom stainless steel water bottles are also cheap in relation to single pieces. This is just the ultimate way to save on costs associated with hydration bottles. As discussed in previous articles, in the long term, we find that plastic water bottles and the disposable type are not very cost-effective. Stainless steel water bottles are cheaper in the long run, per piece. Now imagine buying stainless steel water bottles in bulk. When most products are bought in bulk, there are usually discounts associated with them. Custom water bottles are not any different. If you buy them in bulk, you will get that a reasonable chunk of the fee is likely to be chopped down leaving you with an easy, manageable amount. This is just the easiest way to plan for an event, cutting down the costs to ensure that your expenditure is within the budget.

By making use of custom stainless steel water bottles, you will realize that you have greatly helped reduce the environmental pollution caused by alternative bottles such as plastic. These plastics fill land mines every year, causing an ugly site on the ground. Furthermore, the plastics can take up to hundreds of years to decompose. This is not good for the soil at all. Stainless steel water bottles on the other hand are very durable and strong. This means that they do not have to be thrown out every so often like the plastic ones. This helps to conserve the environment and to reduce the pollution that would have otherwise been caused by plastic. If it happens that a stainless steel water bottle reaches its end-life, which is highly unlikely even in a whole lifetime, then the costs associated with the recycling are still cheaper than those of plastic, this makes it a great version over the alternative materials.

Stainless steel water bottles are also the right direction to move in relation to conservation of world resources. This is because even the cumulative cost of recycling stainless steel is not as high as that of plastics. It takes more fossil fuels to have a single plastic bottle recycled than it would take several stainless steel water bottles. If you use stainless steel water bottles, you are reducing the usage of plastic water bottles which is directly proportional to the use of fossil fuels. If you can reduce the consumption of these fuels, then it means we can leave something valuable for the future generations. By using custom stainless steel water bottles, you are also potentially decreasing the emission of dangerous fumes that are emitted during the recycling of plastics, thus also helping to protect the ozone layer of the atmosphere from destruction.

Perhaps the most widely known reason why it would be great to make use of custom stainless steel water bottles would be the fact that these bottles are made from the highest quality material. This means that it does not contain BPA, the chemical infamous for compromising human health. Using custom stainless steel water bottles therefore preserves the health of those who attended a promotional gathering, with or without their proper knowledge. It is a much healthier option than plastic, aluminum and glass, which can easily break. Stainless steel water bottles are the way to go because they are the only ones that can secure you from the odors and tastes associated with the other choices for hydration such as plastic and aluminum.

The place of customized water bottles in our everyday lives

Custom stainless steel water bottles are slowly creeping into our lives. Because these bottles are trendy, then everybody definitely wants to have a taste, like literally. This is what has led to the diminishing of plastic bottle industry in the recent years while the stainless steel water company continues to make waves in the industry. The probability of a person that got offered a water bottle coming to your next event is higher than that of someone who was not given the ‘prize’. Two companies creating a rapport through merging to produce one product can cause a big wave in the concerned communities, which is largely effective for marketing and making profits at the end of the day.

Apart from the concept of being trendy and attracting the masses, these custom stainless steel water bottles are the perfect way to provide healthy hydration choices for your team as a manager or coach. The custom water bottles are essential for the teams that go through tough endurance trainings because it ensures they get quality water that is equally refreshing. When athletes train, they use up large amounts of energy and get thirsty a lot. Only being able to drink quality water can help ensure that their bodies are performing at the optimum. The best way to do this would be to perhaps provide them with custom stainless steel water bottles with their names or a personal message imprinted on the bottles. This is a sure way to fire up your team towards achieving their goals. If your team is lagging behind in terms of athletics, it is time you pulled this trick out of your hat. The bottles are a great way to give incentives to the team so that they work harder. It will also help to keep the team hydrated in a healthy way.

The Coldest Water stainless steel water bottles for hydration

Our bottles at the Coldest Water are meant to ensure that every drop of water is refreshing. This is why they are designed to be fit for every occasion. Be it exercise at the gym, a trip or just a regular walk to the park. The bottles are trendy, with an attractive design and logo on its back. The bottles are a sure way to leave heads turning everywhere you go. Imagine if your team could actually adopt custom stainless steel water bottles provided by the Coldest Water, or if your event could have these beautiful water bottles everywhere. It would be a great way to assist your company in getting known. Two great companies merging to produce a beautiful reputable water bottle are nothing short of remarkable. Our water bottles will have all the people attending your event coming back to say thank you for your great products. The custom stainless steel water bottles might end up being your unofficial trademark, you never know.

Clearly, we see that the use of custom stainless steel water bottles is a good idea because it is cheaper than the traditional print media and also because it is a very effective, mobile method of advertising your company’s products and services. And since you have the option of personalizing you can specify how you want your bottle to look like, straight from the shape, to the size and right down to its volume. This places you at an advantageous point because it provides you with enough freedom to choose.

The staff at The Coldest Water is always willing to engage with and help you at various stages in the production of your water bottle. The staff is friendly and warm and will ensure that your specifications are met to your satisfaction. They will ensure that your reaction is nothing short of appreciation and happiness when you finally meet the custom stainless steel water bottles that we design for you. The company will ensure that your products get to you on time, while at the same time keeping contact to ensure everything is running smoothly. Should anything go wrong with the product, the company is ready and willing to work with you to rectify the short comings. This is the way through which we have been able to work to retain our loyal customers and continue to build a strong customer base over large areas continuously.

Custom stainless steel water bottles are the best choice for you as you embark on your journey to building a strong brand name. It is very effective as a marketing tool, as an incentive and as a way of getting your message across to the people you treasure. The use of customized water bottles is a nice way to involve the locals and community at large through positive interactions. They are a valuable tool for growth that can go far in helping to ensure that the public is educated on the negative impacts that other types of bottles are having on the environment. When awareness is created, a positive light is shed on the matter and all myths surrounding the safest kind of water bottles are demystified. While using custom water bottles for an event, all the involved parties benefit from the events and promotions. This is why it is a highly valued idea among many individuals and companies.

Since the use of custom water bottles is steadily rising by the day, make sure that you are not left behind as a company. If you are a starter, the Coldest Water will help you establish a good name, and if you are already in the market, we help you create better. It is through this mutual relationship that most are able to realize positive growth in the various industries that get involved with us. Do not be afraid to join us then, as it will be the beginning of a great journey towards bigger, collective achievements.