Tips to Detoxify Your Body to keep you Healthy

Fatigue rings you, you do not have an ounce of energy and you have the morale at half level? Maybe it’s time to detox and pamper your body because these visible signs of fatigue could be caused by toxin build-up. You immediately drink water from your reusable water bottle that you carrying with you. In the longer run, nothing is better than detoxification to start off again and regain the energy?


Your Body Needs the Cleaning – Detoxify Your Body

Yes, your body deserves a little rest too! Often the body is saturated by the rich diets that are not required for the body. Also, there are several acidity deposits in the body. If it happens, the body will be exhausted and life too sedentary and stressful, weakened by pollution. Your body saturates! How to help him to recover from a lifestyle that is sometimes unbalanced?

Simply by the elimination of the body of the toxins will be accumulated over time! Hence, for this, the cure detox, a real classic remedy after the holidays is ideal! It eliminates impurities that stagnate in the body and relieves the organs responsible for evacuating them in normal times (ie the kidneys, liver, skin, lungs, and intestines). So, it is essential to purify the body gently and find a good balance of life.

The Detox Cure: Instructions to Purify the Body

How to detoxify your body?

Detox, more than a cure, is having a set of healthy gestures. It is required for the well-being of the body. You can do it over a longer or shorter period (ranging from 2 to 30 days). It is best to start with a mild detox (one week at most) before getting on more intense and longer courses. When in doubt, do not hesitate to consult a health professional, who will help you with the procedure to follow and the precautions to take.

Headaches, tiredness … The detox side effects can be numerous and discouraging when your body eliminates the toxins that clutter it. If these symptoms remain mild and diffuse, do not worry. If, on the other hand, they intensify, consult a doctor.

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Here are some good habits to adapt to revitalize your body:

1. Rebalance Your Diet to Cleanse Your Body:

Eating healthy foods that do not contain a lot of toxins is essential for resting organs and facilitating the disposal of older residues. So what do we consume? Mainly seasonal fruits and vegetables, at fixed times, and in reasonable proportions.

Especially, exit red meat, fries, dairy products, sweets, coffee, alcohol, and processed foods! Above all, Say hello to soups and salads, which will allow you to fill up with vitamins and trace elements! Choose white meat or opt for fish. Also, limit your salt intake.

What Are The Detox Foods?

Foods to Be Favored To Naturally Detoxify the Body

Lemon: First of all, lemon is the essential ingredient of any good detox! Further, it naturally cleanses the body and accelerates the evacuation of toxins. The best ally of the liver, you must consume without moderation to find a healthy and balanced body. Moreover, try the hot lemon water; consume each morning to give a boost to the digestive system, certainly, you will get the guaranteed results!

Food and Grains

Rice Grain and Quinoa: And all other cereals without gluten, such as buckwheat and millet are more dietary than refined cereals (white pasta and white bread to be avoided!) Rice is particularly included for its high potassium levels that are perfect for hunting toxins.


Second-star food to maintain a healthy liver. Hence, garlic has many health advantages. It is an antimicrobial and a natural antioxidant thus helps and protects the body from viruses and aging! So, Consume it preferably fresh and whole to benefit from all its benefits.


It permanently relieves your gallbladder and improves the health of your digestive system. Moreover, it eliminates the toxins present in the blood.


Of course, Apple is rich in pectin, a fiber that purifies the digestive system and blood, the apple helps cleanse and relieve the liver.

Broccoli, Cabbage and Cauliflower:

They are rich in fiber and vitamin E, an antioxidant necessary for the proper functioning of the liver; these vegetables improve transit while purifying the body!

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2. Drink Water to Drain Your Body:

It is well known to eliminate the toxins from your body; so, you have to drink again and again! Increasing your water intake will stimulate your kidneys and hence, it will greatly help you get rid of the toxins in your body through urine. If the recommended daily dose is 1.5 liters, it is advisable to increase this daily intake to 2 liters for more efficiency. So, it is essential that you always carry a reusable water bottle that you can refill and keep drinking.

You are warned: The detox is a real internal cleaning!

Are you feeling tired? Flavor your water with pure lemon juice; take herbal tea or green tea! OK

3. Move for Detoxification of the Body!

Movement is the quickest and easiest way to activate blood circulation and eliminate toxins from the lungs and perspiration. Stay active for at least thirty minutes a day to purify your body. Keep drinking water from your reusable water bottle for better elimination of toxins; practice moreover a cardio activity twice a week, which will allow you in addition to burning unwanted fats.

Missing ideas? Here are some suggestions among the sports requiring the most cardio.


It is the queen of cardio sports; running has the advantage of being able to practice anywhere, anytime and according to your own goals and own time at a low budget. It is a sport that has the advantage of soliciting the heart and breath properly, and which improves endurance and fitness. If the idea of ​​running for hours discourages you, why not try brisk walking, which has the same merits? Never forget to carry your reusable water bottle along with you to avoid dehydration.


This sport has the advantage of developing your cardio without harming your joints as running does. It is excellent for strengthening your back and working on endurance, swimming is a good option for effectively burning unnecessary calories!


It a trendy sport. It attracts more and more people. This is one of the most demanding sports in terms of fitness. It improves the cardio and strengthens the muscles, including the heart.


The dance is an excellent exercise for strengthening the heart resistance and keeps you in the good physical condition. Dance on the rhythm of Zumba, rock, merengue, salsa …). It combines the benefits of sport with an aesthetic approach, which makes this discipline an art practiced for a long time. It is a complete sport!

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4. Adopt Fasting and It has Detoxifying Virtues:

Practice fasting with caution, light fasting is beneficial for the body, avoids taking rich and constant nutritional intake. Put your digestive system to rest for a short time and you will get all the benefits of fasting. You can go for 16 hours fasting without solid food are sufficient at first! The easiest way is to skip dinner and have breakfast the next day a little later than usual. You can practice fasting as part of the detoxification of your body, but also make it a habit of well-being. Some people practice it once or twice a week.

5. Test the Juicing – A Solution to Clean Your Body:

Juicing ( A regular consumption of green juice) allows you to fill up with vitamins quickly. If you have an extractor or a centrifuge, you will have the advantage of enjoying the virtues of these juices without fiber, which is recommended for frequent consumption. The star ingredients of a detox juice cure are:

Kale Cabbage:

It contains magnesium, potassium and vitamins C and A. It is excellent for strengthening the immune system! Mix it with a pear and an apple for a successful juice.

The Kiwi:

It is very rich in vitamin C, it facilitates digestion. Mix your kiwi with a cucumber and a little ginger.

6. Treat Yourself with a Good Hot Bath

You know it very well that perspiration helps to eliminate toxins. So, what is better than a hot bath to relax while accelerating sweating? Enjoy a winter evening to dive into your bathtub! For more results, aromatize your water of essential oils in the form of “bath”, they will make this moment of well-being unforgettable.

Lavender Bath:

A natural relaxing, lavender soothes and offers an exceptional sensation of relaxation. This type of bath is ideal before bedtime, to facilitate falling asleep. For this, pour a few drops of real lavender essential oil into the bath water and treat yourself to a relaxing cocooning moment.

Bath with Arnica:

It is ideal for sportsmen, a recovery bath with arnica calms muscular stiffness. It softens and tones smoothly.

Rosemary Bath:

A powerful stimulant, rosemary will give you strength and vitality! Ideal to start the day!

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7. Treat Yourself with Herbal Medicine

It is known that herbal plants have thousands of virtues! No wonder that some are recognized to facilitate and boost the elimination of toxins. You can use it as an infusion, in juice or in the form of food supplements, they will increase the effectiveness of your cure for better results.

Herbal Medicine

Dandelion: This is the star of detox plants; dandelion cleans the blood, stimulates the kidneys and increases bile secretions. It is therefore naturally diuretic and eliminates a large number of toxins through the urine.

Birch: It is recommended for transitional periods or when changing seasons, birch offers a gentle and healthy cleaning, while bringing magnesium and vitamin C to the body.

Black Radish: It is excellent for toning lazy livers. After excess food, it is the plant that will relieve your body and restore its balance smoothly. This is the queen of the meadows. It is effective against stomach upset; this plant is naturally purifying and diuretic.

Orthosiphon: a natural cleaning agent, orthosiphon is excellent for the kidneys as well as the bladder and contributes to the elimination of kidney stones. It effectively evacuates urinary and biliary waste. An orthosiphon cure is very effective against water retention and helps fight watery cellulite.

Activated Charcoal: It clears the stomach and intestines of unwanted residues. Real cleanser of the digestive system, the charcoal is particularly indicated to treat stomach pains and flatulence. It improves the health of the intestinal flora.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera Juice: It is detoxifying and antioxidant, this juice boosts the digestive and urinary systems. It regulates blood sugar levels and contributes to the hydration and beauty of the skin and hair.

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8. Intense and Complete Detox of the Body:

Do you want intense and complete detox? Purify the whole system of the body including your kidneys, liver and the digestive system naturally? Some brands offer dietary supplements in the form of “juice” or “concentrates” or herbal tea to detox. These combine the benefits of several plants for the elimination of toxins at all levels!

9. Aromatherapy or Natural Detox:

Natural and sweet, aromatherapy will also help you improve the health of your body! Caution: always use essential oils with caution, be aware that some of them are not recommended for pregnant and lactating women and children under 6 years. For safe and healthy use of essential oils, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Essential Oil Treatments

Lemon Essential Oil: You know it well and most noteworthy, lemon is the ultimate detox ingredient! A few drops of this essential oil will help you purify your body, strengthen your immune system and actively drain your body. Energizing, lemon essential oil maintains your shape while eliminating toxins!

The Essential Oil of Peppermint: It effectively fights digestive problems (slow transit, indigestion, bloating, flatulence, intestinal cramps …) and reduces the feeling of generalized fatigue. A real boost for tired nervous systems, this essential oil is particularly suitable for people prone to stress.

The Essential Oil of Rosemary Verbenone: It detoxifies the blood and regenerates the cells of the liver. Rosemary Verbenone is also an excellent regulator of fats in the blood which it facilitates the elimination. It helps to prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol.

Juniper Essential Oil: It offers a real internal cleansing by effectively stimulating the elimination of waste from the body. This is the oil to adopt after the long holidays or a meal that is too rich. It is excellent for the lymphatic system; it effectively drains the water retained in the cells and therefore fights water retention.

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When To Do A Detox Cure And Which Cure To Choose?

Doing a detox cure can’t be improvised and you can’t decide to do it overnight. A detox cure must be planned in advance, for the reason, it is important to carefully select your food and establish a specific program for your food detox week. A detoxifying cure usually lasts 3 weeks. The first week is to slowly introduce detox foods and drink a lot of water to keep the hydration level all the time. For this, you must carry a reusable water bottle all the time.

Also, reduce excesses sugar and cut down on hot drinks such as coffee. This week allows your body to adapt to its new diet.

2nd Week & 3rd Week

The second week is the crucial detox week. During this week, you offer the body a detoxifying diet par excellence that will help your body eliminate all toxins. The third week is a week of the reintroduction of everyday foods.

To do a detox cure, it is important to program it well in advance. To do this, it is advisable to choose a specific time to start: after the holiday season, after a food excess, before the arrival of a new season such as spring or autumn.


How to Clean Your Body from the Inside and How to Eliminate?

You want to start a detox cure, but do not know which one to choose? There are several courses available in the popular world of detox. To help you choose the one that suits you best, discover the existing treatments:

– The Classic Detox Treatment: It consists in introducing in its diet detox foods hypo toxic for the body such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, organic products, etc.

– The Cure Zero Sugar: It consists of eliminating all sugars from its diet.

– Fasting: This method can do well for your body and enhance your immune system.

– The Mono-Diet: It consists of eating a single food (healthy course) for a period of 3 days.

– The Detox with Lemon Juice: Drink each morning on an empty stomach a glass of lemon juice diluted in warm water.

– Liquid Detox: Most noteworthy, it consists of drinking only about 6 detox juices, herbal teas and/or smoothies a day.

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How to Make a Classic Detox Week?

Our tips and tricks to cleanse your body:

You do not know which meals to program during your detox cure? Here is an example of succulent and detoxifying meals to be incorporated into a detox day.

Classic Detox

1. At Breakfast: quinoa pudding and soy milk, chia seeds and fresh fruit

Before going to sleep, cook some quinoa. Once ready, mix it with a little soy milk without added sugars. Add some chia seeds and mix everything. Keep them in the fridge until the next morning. Add fresh fruits (kiwi and blueberries) just before eating.

2. During the Snack: Take beet juice and fresh orange juice.

For the snack, go to the fruit extractor, beetroot, and an orange. Drink the juice within 10 minutes so that it does not oxidize.

3. At Lunch: Vegetable Broth And Konjac

Cook 2 carrots, 1 broccoli cut into pieces in a vegetable broth. You can add konjac, once the vegetables are cooked.

4. During the Snack: Take some almonds and 2-3 dried apricots.

5. At Dinner: Take zucchini spaghetti, arugula, and lentils.

Grate zucchini for spaghetti. Cook them in boiling water. Once ready, add the arugula and lentils. It is a delight!

With these tips, you’re ready for your detox cure and boost your body performance. You act on several levels and quickly find the form!

Reusable Water Bottle

Never forget to carry your reusable water bottle to drink water on regular intervals. It is essential for your health and body to stay hydrated.

Love Yourself and Love Coldest Water Bottle.