Wow, what a great cup, I can’t believe how awesome this cup is. I mean first of all this thing just exudes quality. When I hold it in my hand I just can feel the quality due to the quality powder coating, the thick insulated layer, the stainless steel that it is made of an on and on. I can put a really cold drink in this thing and I can rest assured that it will stay cold for a long time. It also comes with a really good quality lid that fits perfectly on top and it even comes with an o-ring to keep the liquid in. I mean come on, how many cups to you have that come with an o-ring? This thing is just awesome. Ever since I got this thing it is the only cup I use. I really have no reason to use any other cup when this one is so awesome. The bottom line is that this thing is totally awesome and I think it will last forever. This is because I have review a lot of products on Amazon in the past and lots of people have found my review to be helpful (by this I mean that many people have pressed the “yes” button at the end of my reviews asking if the review was helpful). I continue to review products that would otherwise not get many reviews and I also continue to review products that I would use or otherwise have an interest or need.

Review by on May 3, 2016