When they say “The Coldest Water” they aren’t joking.
This thing is so cool, BEST water bottle you will ever find.
If you live somewhere hot like I do (Arizona) you want cold water.
But after taking your water bottle outside it’s instantly hot. Not anymore, now I take my new water bottle everywhere I go.
I usually fill it half full with ice then the rest of the way with water. If I were to leave this sitting outside for half the day, my water would still be cold and for the most part there would still be ice cubes in it. No joke, this water bottle is so cool.
I am so happy I was given the chance to get one.
It perfect for everyday, holds a good amount of water and even after you drink what water you have and add more to the ice that you add that water too stays cold.
Love it.

Review by on October 23, 2015