Stainless steel water bottles are the new trend. They are the in thing in the water bottle and hydration industry right now. These bottles have risen to the top of the demand chain for a number of reasons. The first is because they are on the top of the list of the safest options for carrying drinking water right now. Many scientific researchers have carried out researches to prove that these bottles are indeed safe for human use and the bottles have ultimately passed the test. Another reason why the stainless steel water bottles are a popular trend right now is because of the flashy designs and attractive packages that these bottles come in. The marketing strategies that have been put in place have gone a long way to market stainless steel water bottles a popular option among consumers. While the rise of stainless steel water bottles in the market can be attributed to many factors, we will highlight the science behind vacuum sealed, stainless steel water bottles.

Stainless steel water bottles are free of BPA

Stainless steel water bottles are free of BPA, which is a chemical that has been used for years to harden plastics. This chemical however, has been found to be harmful to human health for various reasons. BPA is an endocrine inhibitor. This means that it interferes with the production, secretion, transport and functioning of the human body hormones. It mimics the hormones of the human body and in this way, causes harm to the body. Scientists believe that this chemical contributes to reproductive disorders among women, male impotence, heart disease and diabetes and contributes to memory loss and brain functioning. This was what involved the science behind vacuum sealed, stainless steel water bottles. These bottles are typically free of BPA and therefore have been declared safe by the FDA. This advancement in science came as a rescue especially for those who had invested in the use of plastic bottles as their medium of hydration. Before, scientific research by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had established that up to 95% of human urine samples contained BPA. With the use of vacuum sealed stainless steel water bottles, the BPA levels in the human body fall considerably. The human body is therefore protected from the high levels of BPA that would otherwise be found in plastic bottles.

Vacuum sealed stainless steel water bottles provide insulation

This also a major concept in the science behind vacuum sealed, stainless steel water bottles. These bottles have proved to provide the best insulation for your drinks whether they are cold or warm. When put to the test under extremes of conditions, the vacuum sealed stainless steel water bottles came out champions. Various people and companies have carried out tests such as putting ice water in the stainless steel water bottles and then leaving them under exposure to the sun or in places with high temperatures. Even after 24 hours, you will find that the contents of the bottle still maintain their temperature. You will find your ice as intact as when you packed it. The same goes for hot drinks put under the reverse conditions. The drinks are able to retain their packing temperatures because of the vacuum seal in the stainless steel water bottle. This is the concept of insulation put into practice in the production of stainless steel water bottles. When containers are insulated, it means that nothing on the outside of it can affect its contents; this not only ensures retention of temperatures but also assures you that no organisms from the outside invaded your drink.

Stainless steel water bottles reduce the pollution levels

The fact that stainless steel insulated water bottles are strong and durable makes them a more popular option among the environment-related scientists. While plastic water bottles and re-usable water bottles are recycled at higher costs and mostly end up polluting the environment, the science behind vacuum sealed stainless steel water bottles ensures that these bottles are reusable and therefore are the better option when it comes down to reusable water containers. Being reusable not only helps with the huge pollution problem that the world has, but also helps with the costs. In a fast growing economy that has equally high inflation rates, stainless steel bottles with vacuum insulation are the perfect way to economize. We should all be able to indulge then, with each of us getting themselves a stainless steel water bottle.

Leaching of materials into water

Another advantage of the stainless steel water bottles over its aluminum and plastic counterparts is the fact that they are made of an alloy of iron and chromium. Alloys provide an increased resistance to corrosion and therefore, you can ensure that there are no materials that are leached into your water that can bring harm to your body. Materials such as aluminum if used to make water bottles will leach into the contents and give a metallic taste. Furthermore, it is not healthy having these leached reactants in our bodies as it is still a gamble on human health. Aluminum is also linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, so be careful with the bottles. Plastic bottles also have the same problem; the chemicals in the plastic may react with water under certain conditions to introduce a plastic taste in the water and a lethal mixture that harms the health of our bodies. This is the reasoning that was used in the science behind vacuum sealed, stainless steel water bottles. These kinds of bottles have been developed with an increased expertise that ensures that whoever drinks from them is safe and does not have harmful doses of foreign metals and chemicals constantly oozing through their blood. Scientists are on the forefront advocating for the use of bottles such as vacuum sealed stainless steel water bottles.

Stainless steel water bottles do not puncture

If vacuum sealed stainless steel water bottles were the type that gets cracked or destroyed instantly on impact, they would probably not be such a viable and popular option amongst the masses. The science behind vacuum sealed, stainless steel water bottles stipulates that the bottles are able to resist any impact and not break easily enough to create a rift that allows for the entry of organisms from the outside to the inside of the water therefore contaminating it. Plastic and reusable water bottles are made of soft materials that cannot withstand maximum impact. This means that every time your plastic water bottle falls on the ground, probabilities are, it will get a crack and this also means that you could become sick if there are organism that get in to your water. With stainless steel water bottles however, you don’t have to worry about such things. Our stainless water bottles at the Coldest Water have been tested and proved to be crack resistant due to the strong nature of stainless steel.

Stainless steel water bottles help in giving the proper form of hydration

Scientists have come to a conclusion that safe drinking water from a trusted source and ingested from the right container can have instant impact on a person’s health. If you use the right kind of bottle, stainless steel in this case, chances are that your body will run at its optimum. If you are an athlete, you are likely to develop higher endurance faster just by taking a lot of water during your intense work out procedure. If you do not lean to the exercise side then taking quality water through the use of vacuum sealed, stainless steel water bottles, you will start to notice that you have shinier hair or clear skin or that those eye bags you had have simply disappeared. As a student, you will develop a sharpness and better concentration if you use stainless steel water bottles. All this research is used in the science behind vacuum sealed, stainless steel water bottles.

Stainless steel water bottles as the economic solution to problems caused by plastic

The science behind vacuum sealed, stainless steel water bottles has paved the way for environmentalists and economists to find a solution to the problem caused by too much plastic in our ecosystems. It is an economical solution because when the oil that is used for recycling reduces in amount, it means that the oil industry is saving up its reserves for future use. Just the use of one stainless steel water bottle can ensure that thousands of plastic water bottles are not used. Vacuum sealed steel water bottles are perfect for solving environmental pollution problems because they can last for very many years with the proper care and attention, all of these claims have a scientific backing. The user experience and feedback also shows that vacuum sealed water bottles do not disappoint and are indeed worth their price for many years after purchase.

Zero contact with plastics

The science behind vacuum sealed, stainless steel water bottles has ensured that as a user, you have zero contact with plastic. Unlike for aluminum bottles which still have a plastic lid, stainless steel water bottles are so advanced that not even the lid is made of aluminum. With stainless steel water bottles, as a user you are still in contact with the plastic lid, and that just beats the logic of buying the aluminum water bottle and not the plastic ones in the first place. This adds on the fact that the coating of the aluminum bottles can sometimes flake. When they flake, then you are surely very unsafe. This leaves us with only one foolproof solution, the vacuum sealed, stainless steel water bottle that provides 100% protection against plastic and leaching of chemicals in your water while at the same time, providing you with a lifetime guarantee of successful and happy usage. The wide mouths of most of our water bottles at the Coldest Water are all stainless steel and so are the caps. This makes it the best option for the safekeeping of your family all through your lives.


There have been a lot of facts backing the science behind vacuum sealed, stainless steel water bottles that has led to the development of durable strong and BPA free water bottles. Our bottles at the Coldest Water have reached and probably surpassed all the standards of an ordinary plastic bottle and aluminum water bottles. Our bottles are a sure way to ensure that your children and even your extended family do not fall sick because of the leached chemicals and BPA that may be present in the alternative water bottle choices. With the use of the Coldest Water stainless steel water bottle, you will ensure that you remain relevant in the world right now because of its beautiful design that has made it popular among many today. Efforts are being made every day to ensure that our water bottles remain the top popular choice among our users. Our staff also works to ensure that the standard of quality we offer with the use of our stainless steel water bottles is unbeatable. Efforts are continually made, every other day to improve on our already high quality stainless steel water bottles so that you as a consumer can get only the best from us.

Our stainless steel water bottles at the Coldest Water continue to ensure that athletes get the best hydration partners, students and that teenagers remain trendy and parents keep their families safe in terms of what they drink. We use the science behind vacuum sealed, stainless steel water bottles to develop only the best for our customers. It is through our up to standard quality that our bottles have permeated a market full of other stainless steel water bottles and continued to come out tops. Picking our bottles over the plastic and aluminum bottles and even other stainless steel brands in the market continues to be a popular trend among buyers so far and will continue being so for many years. Join the team, and be part of the healthy people that have made the right choice in terms of hydration.