When making a comparison between insulated water bottles vs. regular water bottles, there are a lot of factors to consider. Insulated water bottles are the stainless steel water bottles that are designed to be vacuum sealed and therefore can retain heat or cold temperatures no matter the temperatures of the surroundings. Regular water bottles on the other hand, include plastic water bottles, aluminum water bottles and generally the disposable water bottles. These bottles do not have the abilities of the insulated water bottles and have various components that are considered unsafe for human consumption in them. Americans use as much as $11 billion on plastic water bottles, per year. This is as much as they use on engagement rings annually. While this comparison maybe highly ironic and unexpected, it shows us one thing for sure; water is a vital part of our health and can be costly if we do not take the right steps towards our hydration. It is therefore important to discuss insulated water bottles vs. regular water bottles and see how they relate in terms of cost, materials, chemicals involved and ability to retain heat.

Insulated water bottles are cost effective in the long-term

Buying plastic water bottles can prove to be an expensive venture especially for those who love to drink water. This is because once you drink from a plastic water bottle, chances are, you will dispose the bottle and buy another when you need more water to keep you hydrated. This will bring the total cost that you use to buy plastic water bottles to a very high amount. The same case also applies to the use of disposable water bottles. Once you are done with them, you simply will not be in need them again. Plastic water bottles also break easily and therefore can cause a frequent need to acquire new bottles every now and then. When comparing the insulated water bottles vs. regular water bottles, you find that the former are more cost effective in the long run. An initial investment on an insulated might take $25-$40. This is way cheaper than buying regular water bottles even just ten times in one year. In these hard economic times when everyone is looking for ways to save, why would you be the one person who spends more while you can actually spend less? Our Coldest Water stainless steel, insulated water bottle can be one such investment that helps to save your money.

Insulated water bottles do not have chemicals

When you begin to compare the pros and cons of the insulated water bottles vs. the regular water bottles, you will find that a lot of the regular water bottles are made of materials and chemicals that often leach into the drinks stored in the bottles and cause an awful taste and smell. Some of these materials such as plastic also sometimes retain the smell of the drinks that we put in them such as juices. They also retain the smell of the soaps and detergents that are used to clean them. Imagine a combination of the various tastes and smells all in one bottle, it would be utterly disgusting. Aluminum water bottles also react with the drinks in the bottles and this can be responsible for the metallic taste that often results. Even if the aluminum bottles claim to have linings, these often corrode or flake leaving us susceptible to harm again. As if that is not enough, regular water bottles can leach chemicals into your water and in that way contaminate your body. Using insulated water bottles is a safe guarantee against all the above things. The fact that insulated water bottles are made of stainless steel is a guarantee against all forms of leaching and is a guarantee that your health will never be compromised. From the explanation, it is quite easy to see which choice consumers will make when choosing between insulated water bottles vs. regular water bottles.

The temperature retaining capacities

Regular water bottles, as stated earlier are not insulated; this leaves a wide gap in the temperature retention capacity of these bottles. Plastic water bottles cannot retain either heat or cold and they are often affected by the surrounding temperatures. Your drink cannot remain hot or cold as you wanted it to be in the first place. Insulated water bottles however, are vacuum sealed and can lose only one degree at most after up to twenty four hours. This makes it a great choice when making a comparison between insulated water bottles vs. regular water bottles. When your bottle is insulated, it means that it leaves no space for errors such as the tolerance of growth of micro-organisms. This comes as an assurance that you are only drinking the highest quality water that your bottle can afford you. This makes you certain that you and your family stay healthy at all times.

BPA concerns

In the war between insulated water bottles vs. regular water bottles, insulated bottles win because they are free of a chemical called BPA which has established itself as an endocrine disruptor. We have discussed before, the various effects that BPA has on human health. That chemical is so harsh especially on babies and is known to contribute to cancer, brain dysfunction and memory loss and infertility in women and impotence in men. Evidently, this chemical that is especially found in plastics and has been used for hardening it for up to forty years is up to no good when it comes to the human race. BPA has deleterious effects and that is why it was banned in the U.S. With insulated water bottles, you do not have to worry about the BPA chemical at all. This is because insulated water bottles are made from stainless steel which is an alloy of chromium and iron and does not release any chemicals or react with drinks to create funny concoctions. This is precisely why the insulated water bottles should be your primary choice for hydration.

Insulated water bottles are more eco-friendly

Insulated water bottles are highly durable. Strong and resilient even under the toughest weather. This is why they are preferred by most people who choose to buy water bottles for use. This strength and durability also means that the bottles are the perfect way to create a counter effect towards the negative impact that plastic bottles have had in the environment. Currently, millions of plastic water bottles are filling up landfills annually and causing environmental pollution. Efforts are being made to recycle these plastics but that also incurs high costs as it is. One person using a stainless steel water bottle is enough to ensure that thousands of plastic water bottles do not end up in this vicious cycle that is causing harm to our environment. The reusable nature of stainless steel water containers is of benefit to earth because when one person uses stainless steel, plastic bottle use suffers. Even better is the fact that it is less harmful to the environment to use stainless steel because it decomposes faster than plastic ever will. And the use of just one insulated water bottle can keep up to 2,580 balloons of carbon (IV) oxide from the atmosphere. So by now, given the option between insulated water bottles vs. regular water bottles, you know what to choose.

Regular water bottle use is often not safe

Using plastic water bottles is not safe because when you buy branded water from the stores, you are not quite sure where their water originates from. Up to 24% or more of bottled water is usually just tap water that is purified and sometimes not. Purified water is safer than unpurified water as we know; but even without a guarantee that your bottle water is purified, you will still pay a higher amount for it. With insulated water bottles however, you can at least be sure where your water is coming from and in that way you are able to control the quality of water that you are consuming. As for aluminum bottles, we know that the usage is not safe because aluminum is a reactive metal and therefore it reacts with water to create other compounds that do more harm than good to the body. With time they become rusty and cannot be used to store water anymore because rust is harmful for human health. Just imagine using a rusty bottle, rust is just so unattractive and the mere thought of it alone can be enough to give you feelings of illness.

Use of insulated water bottles helps to save on fossil fuels

Again, when a comparison is made of the insulated water bottles vs. regular water bottles, we realize that there is a conservative side to insulated water bottles. It all comes down to the environment and the availability of fossil fuel power. Insulated water bottles help in the saving of fossil fuels. A disposable plastic water bottle uses fossil oil filled quarter way through to have it recycled. If only four people switched to the usage of stainless steel insulated water bottles, then it would mean that we could save up to twenty four gallons of oil per year. Now imagine if a whole community could convert to the use of insulated water bottles, we would literally save the earth. Fossil fuels are an essential source of energy for the world right now and while there might be concerns that is getting over soon, migrating to the use of insulated water bottles might help us to conserve what we have now for use by future generations that will come after us, we should at least have something to offer our future generations and that can be easily achieved by something as small as choosing to use an insulated water bottle over a regular or plastic water bottle.

Easy to clean on top of all these benefits of insulated water bottles, we get that insulated water bottles are very easy to clean and they leave no residual smells. This is quite benefactor when compared to the cleaning of plastic because with the latter, there are chances that it will still smell soapy after cleaning has been done. A bottle that smells of soap is impossible to drink in, quite literally because it creates a feeling of unease. Also you do not know what happened inside the plastic bottle, as in the reaction that led to the smell in the bottle. This may make your drink not to feel as refreshing as it should. This therefore would be a reason why a person of sound thinking would choose insulated bottles if they were comparing insulated water bottles vs. regular water bottles.


Although regular water bottles such as plastic and aluminum have been trusted to provide the perfect hydration for humans over the years, it is time to kick them out totally. Out with the old and in with the new. The two regular water bottle types especially, have been known to have adverse effects on human health. Insulated bottles are the next best option that we have to provide us with a drinking experience that would be worth noting. The Coldest Water bottles are designed to give you a hydration experience that is simply on the next level. The outside of our bottle is nothing short of grand and trendy. The Coolest Water bottles have a logo that will stand out from the rest and make you get noticed in the crowd. As if that is not enough, the insulation will ensure that you have your drink just as you like it, whether hot, or cold with no in-between temperatures. The bottles can withstand high and hard impact, so you don’t have to worry when you drop your bottle as you would do with plastic water bottles. Our bottles have also been approved by the FDA and therefore, you can be sure that you are using the safest option of insulated water bottles when you buy our brand of the Coldest Water bottles.