The Cold Pillow is Created for a Specific Purpose: Turn Your Bed into a Cloud:

On the occasion of the 9000 anniversary of the pillow, The Coldest Water felt obliged to mark the occasion by praising one of the most beautiful inventions in the world. They Presented “The Coldest Pillow.” Attention, this article deals well with the pillow, the real one, not to be confused with the cushion. A pillow is used on a sofa, chair or chair to stare at the back, buttocks or arms, while Cold Pillow is created for a specific purpose: Turn Your Bed into a Cloud.

A Little History about Pillow:

Historians have found traces of the use of pillows dating back to 7000 BC. And at that time, the Mesopotamians were very far from the cozy little cloud because their pillows were made of wood. Used to smooth the flow of blood, prevent back and neck pain, but also to keep the heads of the dead symbolically, the first pillows were just made of cut wood. But we must make the effort to put ourselves in the context: at the time, beds and mattresses did not exist and raise the head to avoid contact with insects and other creepers. This was the logic.

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Egyptians Era:

The Egyptians carved it even in stone! It was the Romans who incorporated a pillow comfort dimension using straw, reeds, and feathers.


In China, they chose the way of refinement for their pillows: porcelain, bamboo, bronze and even jade. The Chinese preferred hard materials because according to local beliefs, soft materials absorb the energy of the human body during sleep. In most of these rigid pillows were hidden precious objects or medicinal plants selected for their soothing virtue.

In Europe, especially among the Romans and Greeks, the pillow was long considered a symbol of prestige and mass production was prohibited so that only the elite can enjoy.

Middle Ages:

As explained, only riches and the privileged used pillows in ancient times. In England, during the middle ages, only women used it during labor. Pillows not used by men because it was a sign of weak point. Pillows gained fame in the USA and Europe during the industrial revolution. At that time, textile factories produce pillows in mass quantity. The mass production brought the cost down and most families started using pillows.

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Today’s Pillow:

Nowadays, a pillow consists of a fabric stuffed with soft materials such as synthetic foam, feathers and down, cotton or plants in various densities and thicknesses. Some pillows are very soft and comfortable but perceive as sources of allergies. It is; however, a received idea! There is no allergy to the feather, but an allergy to dust that can promote the development of dust mites, and the dust particularly like natural products.

The plant-based pillows stuffed with buckwheat, and more precisely of their shells. Know that for a plant pillow, the more the pillow is heavy, the better it will be. As for the synthetic pillow, it breaks records in terms of hygiene by offering anti-allergic and anti-mite materials. In contrast, their lifespan is lower than that of natural pillows.

Care for Your Pillow:

Now that you know which pillow to choose to improve your nights, you will have to take care of it. Here are some tips: “For your pillow to keep its shape and stay clean, you must clean dust and get rid of mites.” Nothing better than opening the window of the room and expose your pillow to the summer sun and the dry winter cold mites can’t withstand direct sunlight and even less temperatures below 15 ° C “.

Do not hesitate to get the air to your pillow. But like any faithful companion, the pillow has a limited lifespan, comparable to that of a mouse. Knowing how to change the pillow at the right time is part of the rules of the game of good sleep. Again, the Coldest Water has some tips for us.

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Use of Pillow:

People use the pillow every night for 7-8 hours on an average. The estimated optimal life of a pillow is 2 to 3 years. During this period of so-called normal use, the pillow retains all its properties. It is supporting and maintaining the upper body. From the moment you notice cervical pain or a backache when you wake up, your pillow may no longer perform its functions. This is usually the sign of A Class pillow adapted to your sleep will relieve some pain.

It is also important to wash your pillows several times a year. Even if it can be scary, it is necessary to take knowledge of the conditions of washing and drying present on the label, in particular for the natural pillows which must dry completely.

Pillow is Essential for the Royal Nap:

After several years’ research and experimentation, we have come to the conclusion that a pillow is essential if you want to have a royal nap.

The Coldest Pillow – Turn Your Bed into a Cloud BUY NOW

The Coldest Pillow:

Recently, the Coldest Pillow was marketed in the USA. Built to provide coldness during the sleep. The Manufacturer Message is “COLD MATERIALS MEETS COMFORT”

Our 20+ years of engineering experience combined with our in-house team of mattress experts, we were on a mission to defeat hot once again, by building a cool to the touch pillow, that is epic comfortable to sleep on. We have bad backs ourselves, and understand how important solving coolness and back support was.

You can find more details about the Coldest Pillow here.

November 12, 2018 — Shane