The Best Travel Backpack | Super Practical Growler Backpack

If you are struggling to get the best Grower Backpack for the trip, it is really difficult to find that travel backpack that ticks all the requirements.

I have owned different travel backpacks over the years, I have survived a backpack during my long-term trips and RTW, and now I am reviewing travel gear for me again.

And if there is one thing I know about buying the best travel backpack, it’s easy to get lost!

Many sports and outdoor retailers will try to sell you one of the biggest or the most expensive travel backpacks. Beginner travelers often seriously overestimate how much space they need (I know because I went there!).

This means that you could easily find yourself with a more suitable backpack at the top of Everest than simply wandering around Europe or Asia or where your next trip will take you.

When you use a Growler backpack to travel (and stay in hotels or hostels), you will not need much space to store things like a tent, camping gear, or a sleeping bag. That means you can forget about all the trekking and mountaineering bags and go with something much more modest. You will end up with less weight on your back, less hassle, and more freedom.

In this article, I will highlight some versatile and lightweight travel backpacks that I believe meet some key criteria.

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Features to look for a Travel Backpack

A front-loading compartment (you’ll love it!). Several travel backpacks are loaded, with a drawstring to close at the top. It’s a shit. It means you have to dig around uneasily to get something from down and take away ALL of your stuff.

Front-loading bags are much more enjoyable: you close your eyes open, and you can immediately reach everything. I recently found this quality in Growler Backpack manufactured by the Coldest Water. It is Super Practical Growler Backpack.

Backpack Strap:

Use a belt strap that helps to distribute the travel backpack load around your entire body instead of shoulders only. This requirement is necessary for frequent movement, as it avoids painful shoulders and awful backs. (That said, heavy harnesses on many trekking backpacks are usually in excess.). This quality is also available in the Growler Backpack introduced by the Coldest Water.

Computer / Tablet Section:

A divided padded section keeps your electronic equipment secure. These zipped sections can also be used for travel diary and books or a lot of other things. The Growler Backpack matches with the requirements.

Resists Rain:

You don’t want water to get into your trekking backpacks. Make sure it is waterproof or has the rain cover. The Growler Backpack is made of highest quality material and it is Water-Proof (Rain jacket).

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Transport Size:

It should not be a bargain breaker; however, it is nice to have a transport-friendly bag. It will help you to save your time and avoids many baggage fees. A bag with normal volume contents will generally be accepted as hand luggage, although it depends on the exact dimensions. You easily use all transport means for The Growler Backpack. You can say that it is a Super Practical Growler Backpack.

Some other Requirements Include:

It must be lockable zippers (they have rings on which you can put a padlock to prevent unexpected theft). It must have the handles to carry (for when you do not wear it on your back), straps compression (help pack extra and you can organize better), and a detachable lunch bag to use when you’re looking or visiting. You can find all these requirements on The Growler Backpack.

Travel Backpack Size Guide:

Backpack sizes are usually available in liters (that is, the volume they can hold). You will notice that best travel backpacks often have this number in their product name. The Growler Backpack 65L size fits all your gear.

Enjoy the Trip!