When it comes to sleeping well, we are all looking for bedding that will make us spend exceptional nights as is sometimes the case in some hotels (our article on hotel mattresses for individuals). We personally find a really comfortable mattress (it is also part of our article on what is the best mattress). If you also want to invest in the best mattress to sleep well, read on.


Our mattress on which we sleep well

A good mattress to sleep well, it’s important

Opt for simplicity

We sleep better on a soft welcome

We help you choose your mattress

What brand of the mattress to sleep well? My opinion


Our Mattress on Which We Sleep Well:

We were a little reticent to buy a universal mattress online without being able to try it in the store but their offer of 110 nights trial has clearly allure us at The Coldest Mattress.

We have never slept well earlier as this mattress gave comfort. It is sold at a very good price and we understand better after the fact why the coldest mattress brand is top 1 according to UFCA….

Let’s have a look at the Coldest Mattress directly on the brand’s website to find out more.

Discover The Coldest Mattress:

A good mattress to sleep well, it’s important.

We spend more than 20 years sleeping of our life so it would be a shame to spend your life on mattresses that are not adapted to your body and that prevents you from finding a truly calming rest. So yes the best mattress to sleep well it’s quite subjective because we all have different +/- expectations whether it is at the level of the reception of the mattress or its firmness.

What Mattress to Sleep Well:

However, we have noticed (the new brands of foam mattresses are proof) that the vast majority of the population are looking for a comfortable mattress quite similar. The magic recipe of the brands is quite simple; to obtain the best mattress to sleep well you will need a soft welcome + strong support.

It sounds simple on paper, isn’t it? So yes many brands such as The Coldest Water Company offers models of this type but where these new brands have hit hard it is particularly the fact that the mattress is delivered rolled on the one hand, that the customer has not to choose between several references and especially that he can try the best mattress freely at home for 110 days.


Opt for Simplicity:

The bedding market and the number of bedding promotions and online offers can quite quickly confuse the customer (us first). We remember for example trying many references at But a few years ago in front of the empty eyes of the seller and then end up buying a model a little spooky (because yes test mattress 5 min in these conditions it is still clearly not an indicator to know if you will sleep well on it be honest).

I personally find that since the new brands of unique bedding have arrived on the market, the consumer has better access to mattresses of good quality and on which he can really sleep well on a budget often more restricted than for classics mattresses brand.

The majority of brands use viscoelastic, it is also known as Memory Foam. Many mattress brands combine springs, latex, and foam. It is especially the fact of not having the choice that is positive for the client (yes it’s counterintuitive I know).

We Sleep Better On a Soft Mattress:

A section title a little provocative but we noticed from the very many customers that people sleep better on a soft mattress compare to a mattress too firm. In fact, and for many years, we hear everywhere that very firm mattresses are excellent for back problems and that they are the best for a good sleep in case of herniated or slipped disc etc. Although it is not entirely wrong (it all depends on the case), few people who like to sleep on a hard mattress like concrete …

If you want to sleep on your two ears, a mattress with a mellow welcome or toned remains the most interesting option in most cases.


We Help You Choose Your Best Mattress:

If you really do not know which mattress to choose please know that we have written a complete guide on the subject that you can find here. You will find plenty of information on what density to choose for the best mattress, foam mattresses are better than spring mattresses etc.

What to Make Sure To Choose a Good Mattress to Sleep:

What brand of the mattress to sleep well? My opinion

First of all, know that I give my purely personal opinion (and that of my wife by the way) and that I do not pretend that my experience will apply to your case. After having tested dozens of mattress references and intentionally disguising the ultra-luxury mattresses (the best mattress in the world according to us), I must say that the Coldest Mattress is at the top of the list. I think, the company believes in building the best mattress, it used the highest quality materials and designed to keep us cooler at night.

For me, it is the mattress on which we sleep best. It provides everything that we are looking for in the best mattress:

A soft comfort yet firm mattress that really allows the body to relax.

Very good support at heart which allows sleeping in all positions (a mattress to sleep on the stomach and on the back).

The Coldest Mattresses have a superb thickness above 10” (25 cm). It could be part of our selection of thick mattresses.


The Coldest Mattresses are available in Five (5) sizes.

You can select size as per your requirement.

Twin (39″ x 75″ x 10″), Twin XL (39″ x 80″ x 10″), Full (54″ x 75″ x 10″, Queen (60″ x 80″ x 10″), King (76″ x 80″ x 10″), California King (72″ x 84″ x 10″). The Coldest Mattresses are affordable mattress for the general public.

There are other mattresses that come close to them (especially mattresses made of ecological materials) or rather pocket springs rather high-end.

Another important point, The Coldest Mattresses are suitable for bad backs, stomach sleepers, as well as someone looking for a cooler, better nights rest.

In short, if you are looking for the best mattress to sleep well, take a look at the Coldest Mattress brand you will not have to be disappointed (and in the worst case they will pay you back …).