What type of water bottle to choose for the children and us adults, to solve the problem of drinking on a trip? In a zero waste approach initiated in my family for a few years, I am using stainless steel water bottle produced by the coldest water for many ways to limit the plastics waste from my side and save lots of money from buying the bottled water. You should also save money and through the plastic! The coldest water company recently introduced Coldest I Gallon Stainless Steel Water Bottle to drink water at regular intervals.

Coldest Water Bottle Travel Companion:

During traveling, you can’t drink tap water, you tend to buy a plastic water bottle, which will cost you more and end up in the sea, depending on the level of recycling of the country’s waste. Images in Italy, Philippine and in Thailand of beaches stained by all our garbage cans have strengthened us in our efforts!

Coldest I Gallon Stainless Steel Water Bottle BUY NOW

The Coldest Water Company trying to save the environment and make people healthy by producing Eco-Friendly, Stainless Steel, BPA Free Coldest Water Bottle. These Water Bottles can keep water or any liquid for 36+ hours. This insulated Water Bottle can keep all types of drinks hot for 24 hours keeping the same taste.

The Coldest Water is offering eco-friendly products, such as our stainless steel water bottles of different sizes, tumbler cup, and other related products. See our article on zero-waste water bottles.

Today, I will try to help you in your choice of a water bottle for child or adult, you must follow as long as possible.

Criteria for Choosing Water Bottle:

Try to find that those types of Water Bottle that last as long as possible and does not itself become a waste too quickly.

Water Bottle must be chosen according to several criteria:

It’s material,

It’s capacity,

Period to keep cold or hot

It’s way of closing

BPA Free Quality

Lid and Cap Technology

Strong Handle

Leak-proof and Odor Free

Strongest and Durable

Warranty Period

Coldest I Gallon Stainless Steel Water Bottle BUY NOW

The Coldest Stainless Steel Water Bottle for Adults and Al Family Members:

The stainless steel bottle is very trendy right now! Not only that, but it is very practical also!

It’s advantages:

This 18/8 stainless steel water bottle does not change the tastes. It is made of a healthy and unbreakable material. It is also very easy to clean.

It’s Weakness:

It is heavier than a plastic bottle, it can dent a little, but that will not prevent to use it as they have several other advantages!

The Plastic Bottle:

Check that the plastic matches the current standards without BPA!

Its Advantages: They are lighter and are unbreakable according to the quality of the plastic. They are often cheaper in the short run. However, they are costlier in the long run. Calculate your expenses for a particular period and compare the cost of a stainless steel water bottle.

Its Disadvantages: The plastic often changes the taste of water in the long run. The plastic is damaged and it is difficult to clean. More so, It creates pollution on earth that is dangerous for human health including marine lives.

The Glass Water Bottle:

I have never tested, but here are my thoughts on this material

Its Advantages: made of a healthy material, recyclable, this bottle is very easy to clean! She can even be in the dishwasher!

Its Disadvantages: the biggest defect is its fragility! Give a glass bottle to a child, and it is the risk of finding it in a thousand pieces and the child with a cut. However, there are plastic protections to counter this problem. The other disadvantage is its weight; these are the heaviest Water Bottles.

If you use this type of water bottle, please leave your comment at the bottom of the article!

The Coldest 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Water Bottle:

If you have decided to switch to the Coldest I Gallon Stainless Steel Water Bottle, you got the answer of using it on the above. Further details and to get detailed knowledge or advantages, please click “The Coldest Water