Swapping your water bottle for a mystery box? Let’s check it out!

Recently The Coldest Water chose a campus to perform yet another challenge.

The Challenge:
A girl carrying a box will go find someone from the campus who is willing to swap their water bottle for the item inside the mystery box.

What’s inside the mystery box is still a mystery to me. Let’s find out what it is in this video.

The team has tried to ask people around but no luck. They have so many failed attempts. Either they are in a hurry or doing something else. People with insulated water bottles also tend to dismiss the idea. Until a young lady carrying a plastic water bottle gave in and exchanged her bottle for the item in the mystery box without knowing what it could be.

Our team opened the box to bring out a color, type of bottle which is quite similar to what the lady is carrying with her, but now it has been upgraded. The lady seemed to be pleased with what she swapped her bottle into.

Do you think she made the right choice? ‘Coz I think she did!

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