This is a must have cleaning brush if you have a YETI or similar stainless steel tumbler! The handle is super sturdy and the bristles are firm enough to scrub any residue away without leaving scratches. I love the fact that this set has a straw size cleaning brush and the shortest one is great for cleaning the slider lids that are popular on the stainless steel tumblers. I drink alot of slushies with my YETI and its always been a pain getting the groves clean on the lid, but this brush slides in between every sliding ,hard to reach place!

I would definitely recommend purchasing this set of cleaning brushes, they are really great for cleaning anything really! All 3 size brushes come on a ring that keeps them together. Ive tried several different types of brushes with my YETI tumbler and lids, and this by far is the best! My review is one hundred percent my own personal experiences and thoughts on the product and have not been influenced by anyone else.

Review By Sunshine on September 21, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API