This is a great water bottle! The bottle is lightweight, durable, and high quality. It is well constructed – stainless steel, double wall, vacuum sealed, no-sweat technology, odor resistant, BPA free, and holds 21 ounces. It’s perfect for carrying with you in the car, bike, and backpack. It has a wide mouth so you can easily fill it up with ice. It’s easy to clean. It has a nice handle on the top for easy transport. It has a nice blue rubber grip.

• Quality construction
• Lightweight
• It really keeps your drinks cold
• It has a big mouth to accommodate ice
• No-leak cap with a handle for ease in carrying
• Fits most cup holders in vehicles

I really like this water bottle! It really does keep your water cold. I tested it by filling it up with ice and water and left it on my kitchen counter overnight. I checked it in the morning and there was still ice in the bottle. I went to work and checked it when I came back home; there wasn’t any ice but the water was still slightly cold. I really like the design of this bottle – it’s stylish, and has a vibrant blue color. I highly recommend!

Review by on January 11, 2016