When this came the first thing I recall grabbing the Amazon box was “what in the world in that order is so friggin heavy”. When I opened it up and out of a handful of items the majority of the weight was this cup I was pretty surprised! The thing is rock solid, thick and sturdy with a lot of insulating material which makes sense for the intended goal of course. I didn’t expect it to be as light as a plastic tumbler by any means but it was heavy enough that it made a huge first impression based on that. My wife is big iced water drinker and this is now her favorite replacing her previous top tumbler which was one of those plastic double walled starbucks cups. On one hand it can seem a bit spendy if your seeing it as just another cup or water bottle (note it’s NOT a bottle) but when you look at what your getting though the value is definitely in the quality of the materials used. It doesn’t drip water or give of any excess moisture either which is a big plus!

Review by on April 29, 2016