What a nice tumbler! I did not expect such a fantastic product. The tumbler is really well made, the black surface material has a little bit of texture, so even if there is moisture on the outside, it won’t feel slippery and it’s easy to grip.The entire shell is made from one piece and there is no chance of any water going on the inside between the wall of the cup and the insulation. The seams between the insulated metal inside and the shell are flawless. The lid is transparent and and the lip to drink out of is perfect size.

The cup holds two full cups of water. It weighs only 10.9 oz when empty and about 1lb and 10.9 oz when filled with two cups of water. The tumbler fits perfectly in the cupholder of my car and it doesn’t wiggle or feel unstable at at all.

I used the tumbler yesterday for hot tea and actually forgot to take it with me. I spent about 3 hours running errands and going different places, when I cam home after that the tea was still warm, which was a great surprise. All in all I am happy to say, that the tumbler not only keeps cold beverages colder longer than any other tumbler I have used, it keeps things hotter as well! Perfect for anyone that’s on the go and wants high quality to go beverage container!

Review by on April 27, 2016