Solutions for Drinking Quality Water At Home

There are solutions for drinking quality water at home that will help you keep your body healthy and counter the action of infectious external agents. Moreover, you can carry the quality water with you in your Coldest Water Bottle. It is named best bottle of 2017, 2018 & 2019 by Business Insider and Mashable Magazine.

All living things need water to live. These solutions for drinking quality water at home will help you keep your body healthy. They will also help you counter the risk of illness from consuming contaminated fluid.

In order for water to be considered for human consumption, it must meet certain requirements. In all the countries the Ministry of Health has determined that it must be free from microorganisms, parasites, and substances that may pose a health risk.


How Does Water Reach Our Homes?

Water reaches households through public or private distribution networks, cisterns, and reservoirs. During the trip, infectious agents can contaminate it. Therefore, the purification process is a necessity.

The water undergoes many controls. Water intended for human consumption must not exceed 10 intestinal bacteria per liter. It must not contain any chemical impurities and must be devoid of taste and odor.

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Hard Water and Fresh Water

Solutions for Drinking Quality Water:

In residential areas, water comes through pipes and often contains limestone. This is called hard water because of the high content of minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, and sediment.

This type of water, you can use for gardens or remove organic waste, but not for human consumption. In contrast, freshwater contains few minerals.

Mineral Water and Running Water:

Some companies give mineral water nutritional properties to highlight their product.

This is not entirely true: Contamination attacks mineral water by bottling machines, as is the case with pipelines.

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Mineral water comes from sources and groundwater. It is not subject to any type of treatment and is considered drinkable from its origin. It undergoes several disinfection processes for human consumption.

Is Tap Water Fit For Human Consumption?

Tap Water

At home, consumers need to be aware of the strange odors that can come from the water. To make sure the water is safe for consumption, we give you a little check.

The trick is to fill a glass of water and place it in front of the light. In this way, you can see if it clear or cloudy.

If there are particles that float or settle on the bottom, if the water is not transparent or has a bad odor (even very light), it indicates that there is contamination.

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What Can I Do To Get Quality Water?

The first thing to do is to get rid of contaminated water or cloudiness. For this, you can buy a filter for the water of the house.

Boiling water is not enough. While this kills bacteria and other pathogens, it also promotes the presence of pollutants such as arsenic and nitrates.

Buying a water purity kit is another option. It allows you to measure chlorine, nitrates and nitrites, minerals such as iron, copper, and lead, and hardness of water.

To dispel any doubt about the quality of the water you drink at home, you can use a certified laboratory. The results of the water sample analysis will determine what to do.

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Another good option is to buy a filtration system for proper treatment.

Purification Methods:

Decalcification is one of the methods of purifying hard water. It provides better and tasteless water.

It also helps keep household appliances such as boilers, dishwashers and washing machines in good condition.

The filtration treatment separates the mineral components from the water via a spongy element. It is in the form of filter jugs. But you can place at the taps to remove excess limestone and sediment.

RO treatment uses a semi-permeable membrane that removes impurities from the water. It is the most effective purification method because it desalinates water and eliminates bacteria, odors, and taste. It prevents pipe damage due to sediment accumulation.

While traveling to work or anywhere, don’t carry the safe and quality water of your home in the Best Water Bottle for regular drinking.