The bristles on the long brush are not hard and stiff, they are soft and easily bendable. It is a really long brush about 12″ long or so. the long thin wire brush is great for straws or the nipples on bottles. Works great and is long enough to really reach through. The small circle one has semi stiff bristles and is great for washing out small bottles or tubes. It is great for water bottle closable lids. Brushes are stuck on great.

Great set and great selection to pair up. Also: You can easily read the details on the product page. I write about the quality and workmanship, and my experience with the product. My review will contain how I viewed and used the product and possibly how it may or may not have affected my life and a note about how it might affect yours, the reader of this review. I will include any concerns about the product. This product arrived as promised by the seller and was packaged well. Thank you THE COLDEST WATER for selecting me to test and review this product. I just hope I have assisted the general public in some way or another. I take these reviews very seriously and if my review helped you, please press YES.

Review By GAWDIO on September 16, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API