This is a really great set of tools for anyone who owns water bottles, tumblers, re-usable straws or anything else like it that needs to be kept clean in order to not be gross. My son used to use Camelbak brand products for a sippy cup. We ended up having to tear them apart on a monthly basis to clean everything up well and make sure no mold or anything else was forming in the crevasses of the cups. It was laborious (for something so small) and a set of brushes like this would have come in handy greatly at that time.

The brushes are nice and stiff, and the handle on the big brush is both rigid and flexible. I like how the brushes fan out limitedly, so as to not impede entry into a small neck of a bottle. The small, thin straw brush is much more robust than most I’ve seen, and looks like it will last a long while. The hangar on the smaller wire type brushes is soft rubber and nice feeling in the hand. I like the ‘toilet brush’ shaped small brush, as I think it would really be good for getting grime out from under caps and around threading.

Review By Erik on August 29, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API