Healthy sleep is important. We can learn to sleep properly – by learning sleep knowledge improve health! Importance of Mattress and Pillow to get better sleep!

If you don’t get Sleep Properly You Would Need To Perceive It:

As we go to the kingdom of dreams, our blood pressure lowers, the heart rate strikes down and the breath settles down.

During this rest period, the body has time to regenerate and perform repair work. Among other things, the release of toxins and skin renewal also take place.

But even if you always manage to give your body a long enough break, sleep is not about just perfect sleep.


Sleep Properly: Looking For The Perfect Position:

Usually, sleep, no matter where and how? Far from the fact, it matters in what position you spend the night. Even if you are one of those who turn around a couple of turns through the different side, back or posture positions before settling down, you should be aware of which sleep conditions are more favorable or unfavorable – so you can sleep properly and in a better in the future if necessary if needed!

Some things are obvious: If you wake up in the morning with a tight neck or backache, you will soon come to the conclusion that can help. Particularly the flat position has already known so many “disadvantages”. To get air, you must turn your head extremely sideways, which loads your neck unilaterally.

But before we move on to the theme “sleep properly” we now present 5 amazing facts about sleeping – to wonder remember, to return!


5 Amazing Facts about Sleep Properly!

Many myths and (half) truths surround our sleep. This Coldest Water Blog brings you the latest in research here!

Nice sleep can also be sleep well!

Your sleep will get quieter if you take the last meal from the day before 20:00 if possible.

  • The menu should not contain excessive liquid food.
  • It is also recommended to get sleep properly, a protein-rich diet with some carbohydrates – they work in the right dose induction.

There are more than 80 known sleep disorders!

The fact is that from nightly breaks in breathing to sleep, there is a wide variety of deteriorations in our sleep patterns:

  • Sleep and sleep problems affect one-third of the world population.
  • Nearly six percent complain about chronic sleep disorders.
  • Sleep scientist. Dr. Michael Feld (Cologne) says in True Fitness Blog, “If you sleep very badly three times a week, and for three consecutive weeks it is a matter of concern!”

Athletes need more sleep!

University of Stanford (California) studied the effects of more sleep on the performance of a basketball team. For five to seven weeks the players should sleep as much as possible and spend 10 hours a day in bed. The result:

  • They achieved, all required sports parameters – such as throw accuracy, sprint speed, responsiveness – improved significantly by increased sleep!

Is it a Coincidence? Rather not: The university repeated the experiment with tennis players: About two hours more sleep per night caused a significantly higher rate of speed on the servers! The German sleeping expert Dr. Feld assumes that super sleepers can increase their performance compared to “crazy bums” by up to 30 percent!


Evening Sports Do Not Make You Tired, But Awake!

Of course, in the evening, body temperature decreases slightly, which promotes the tendency to fall asleep. If we work late, the temperature stays longer – we can’t keep an eye!

Expert Dr. Feld recommends: “Leave at least two hours between sports and bedtime!”

Sleeping before midnight is all the more important or better!

This rumor has been a long time, but it’s not true.

The right thing is: The crucial factor is, sleep properly in your first half of the night – and it does not matter if you turn off the lights at 10 o’clock or 1 o’clock at night. Most importantly, you get enough quality sleep properly!

For the first half of the night, the growth hormone is released more and more – which promotes muscle repair, for example after intensive exercise and muscle.

In addition, growth hormone strengthens the legs and ensures that energy is more and more derived from fat.

Sleeping before midnight is all the more important or better!

It is better for your back and shoulders when you sleep flat on your back with your arms outside the side of your body. However, it is important to lay your head on a quality pillow; otherwise, the cervix will be affected. The only catch: Who tends to sneak starts in this position too early with the sawing!

A variant of the rear position, which can be observed more often especially in children, is starfish – this is the flat rear position with arms bent outward over the head. Good news for the back, which can stretch wonderful but bad news for all meanings to larger than average adults, as the bed length usually does not allow this relaxing attitude. Maybe just fine, for even like a starfish you can sneak wonderfully.


The Stable Side Position Has Advantages and Disadvantages:

Many people like to sleep on their side, either with their arms close to their bodies or angled forward. This situation relaxes the spine and is therefore basically good. In addition, the risk of snoring attacks and fearing sleep apnea reduces – while breathing ends in phases, which is good news, neither for the heart nor for the brain.

The one, who rolls as a side sits a little forward and rests too much on an arm, can temporarily disconnect the blood supply or nerves. It’s not necessarily bad but uncomfortable, so you wake up often. The feeling of the clamped arm disappears after a while when the limb is restored to normal.

Right or left – this is not a political issue in this case, but actually affects your sleep. Those who get sleep properly on the right side of the body are more likely to have heartburn – especially if you still have a corresponding tendency.

In this case, it is better to sleep properly on the left side; at the same time, this causes your internal organs, such as the liver, lungs, and stomach, to squeeze together. By the way, pregnant women are most comfortable on the left side.


Sleep properly right … Like a baby

During sleep exercise, which leads through different positions to our last sleeping position, it can be comfortable and relaxing to curl up like a fetus and hug the bent legs. By the way, hot tips to get hot when you slide in a cold bed!

But because we no longer carry a heavier weight in the fetus, we limit ourselves to the long term too much. In addition, while we prevent breathing by clamping the rib cage, the back is bent too much so you can wake up with excitement. Exception: Pregnant women, who often go through their stomachs, are sensitive to prolonged healing in a moderate side role as very relaxing.

So you’ll find the Best Pillow to Sleep Properly:

For the perfect sleeping position, a quality pillow provides an indispensable help. While back sleepers run well with a pillow, a reel can be more useful for side swings; it must have the right thickness and fit well in the angle between the neck and the shoulder.

What headrest is the right one also depends on the degree of hardness on your mattress? It is important that the head and backbone are on one level. Try until you have found the right model. I have found one Quality Mattress that is the USA made to provide optimal night’s sleep. Maybe you can also try a special Coldest Mattress.