I have so many awesome things to say about this water bottle. First thing is this bottle is beautiful. The picture doesn’t do it justice. I love the black and blue color combo. So I added a few ice cubes to the bottom of this bottle and then I sat it next to my bed. I drank it while in my room and the water was cold. I left the bottle there all night and drank some more in the morning. The water was still cold! My ice cubes did melt by the morning but the water was like any warmer and still had a chill to it. I also love that after I added water and ice cubes to my bottle that the outside didn’t get all sweaty. My bottle are always leaving sweat marks on my end table but not this bottle. It stayed totally dry and not water rings on my table. It has a nice feel to the outside of the bottle. I like the rubber grip on the bottom which makes it easy to hold. I always like how easy it is to open and close the lid. It is a turn style lid but I was a little confused at first because it looked like you just push it on but it really is a twist on lid. The one thing about this bottle that I didn’t get to test out but is a neat feature is that it will float in water. So for those people that might want to use it in a pool or maybe a hot tub your bottle will not sink or tip over. I found that to be a really cool feature even though I didn’t test that out. I received this bottle at a discounted rate in exchange for my unbiased review. I have used this every day since the day I received it. Best water bottle ever!

Review by on January 17, 2016