This is indeed the coldest water bottle I’ve ever used. It doesn’t sweat. It doesn’t leak. It truly does keep the beverage cold for an extended length of time. I will put ice water in it in the afternoon, and if I don’t finish it, it will still have ice the next morning. Even when the ice is gone, it still stays out-of-the-fridge cold for hours. My only wish – and this really is a trivial critique – is that it had some kind of straw inside. Unfortunately, there is no straw. It is a bit inconvenient having to unscrew the cap every time I want a sip, but I don’t think it would stay as cold if there were a flip-up straw attached. It wouldn’t maintain the tight seal to keep the cold in. Otherwise, this bottle is out of this world. If you want cold, this is the one. It’s worth the inconvenience of having no straw. The mouth of the bottle is wide enough to fit ice cubes in easily. Cleaning is easy. Never put it in the dishwasher – just a quick swish in the sink with soapy water, rinse and it’s good to go. I would love some brighter colors but otherwise, this bottle is awesome! Highly recommended if you want to keep your water COLD!

Review by on May 6, 2016