Plastic Bottles Can Be Dangerous For Your Health Here’s why.

When you buy a bottle of water, you think that the water is safe and pure. However, even if the water is good, it is not necessarily the case of the plastic that surrounds it … And yes, the plastic bottle that contains water can be dangerous for our health.

If this bottle is not used properly, simply drinking water can become toxic. If you reuse the plastic bottle it is harmful!

Explanations: Plastic bottles can be dangerous for health. Most commonly used plastic in the manufacture of bottles is PET or polyethylene terephthalate. This kind of plastic is good for one-time usage. Never reuse the plastic; it will be dangerous for your health. And yes, as incredible as it may seem, these bottles are not made to be reused as a water bottle!


They are intended to be discarded (and recycled) after being emptied.

Why? The answer is when you use the second time; the plastic begins to disintegrate when coming into contact with water. I am used to reusing these bottles to fill them with tap water and drink in, I confess I am shocked! You too are used to reusing plastic bottles? The plastic bottle can be a health hazard and be aware that every time you use it as a water bottle, a chemical element called “antimony trioxide” diffuses into the water. Unfortunately for us, this antimony trioxide is known to be carcinogenic!

Daily contact with this chemical may also cause irritation of the respiratory tract or skin. Women exposed to this chemical may have menstrual problems or have a higher risk of miscarriage.

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Best Water Bottle


Alternative to Plastic Water Bottles:

Another good reason to avoid buying bottled water! The safe alternative of this is the Coldest Bottle that is safe. Since people heard this news; they completely stopped reusing plastic bottles (large or small).

The problem is that I use a tap water filter at home. So I need a bottle to store the water and easily carry it in my bag. I did some research and found the healthiest alternative to the plastic bottle.

This container is the Coldest Water Bottles. Why is the safest container?

Because these are made of high-grade stainless steel without bisphenol A, phthalates, lead or other toxic elements. It also has no internal coating that may break down over time. It is also very easy to wash with baking soda or even in the dishwasher. Sure it is a little heavier than plastic bottles but I think it’s worth it since it is not harmful.

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Water Bottle 1 Gallon


Profitable Long-Term Investment in Health, Environmental and Financial Terms:

For me, it’s a very profitable long-term investment in health, environmental and financial terms. And apparently, I’m not the only one when I see the comments on The Coldest Water Co including Amazon. One of the other healthy alternatives is a Glass bottle to the plastic bottle. Obviously, this water bottle is healthier but you can’t carry like the Coldest Bottle.

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