My kids have a ton of oddly shaped character cups that can be a real pain in the butt to clean, some of the odd shapes make it to where I don’t want them to use the cup for anything aside from water because I am afraid of them not getting cleaned all the way and I don’t want the cups to get nasty. This water bottle brush set is perfect for cleaning those cups because the main scrub brush squeezes into the bottles and the handle is long enough it gets into the extra long bottles and cups.

After the brush is in the cup the bristles plump back up and get into all the little nooks and crannies to make sure everything is cleaned. The little circular shaped brush is nice for getting in the rims of the cups that have screw on lids, it is also nice for cleaning the bottom of coffee cups and the long thin brush is perfect for cleaning straws.

Review By Belle S. On September 2, 2016

September 24, 2016 — Shopify API