I’m always having a problem cleaning my cups and bottles, so when I saw this the Coldest Water Bottle Brush – Built For Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Easy, Safe Cleaning and Scrubbing – 3 Tools in 1 I had to get it.

I received this and pulled it out of it’s package. It had 3 different brushes. There was one that was a long brush with soft bristles on the end. Then a small narrow one that had soft bristles all the way down it used to clean the inside of the straw. Then there a small curved brush that you used to clean the lid. I used all these brushes on my wife’s cup she brought home from work. This worked great and my wife was so happy she now had a cup and bottle brush. I would recommend this to anyone looking for great designed cleaning brushes.

Review By Jeff Cottrill On August 29, 2016

September 24, 2016 — Shopify API