“The Coldest Water Bottle” I have to be honest I did not believe that this water bottle would keep my water cold. When I received it I noticed it was heftier than most of my water bottles, so it definitely was insulated. I decided to put it to the test. I put ice cold water (no ices cubes) in the bottle and left it for 12 hours sitting on my counter. After 12 hours, I took a glass of refrigerator water, and the bottle (I filled it from the refrigerator water originally) and compared the two. The water in the water bottle was pretty close to the same temperature as the glass of water. Imagine my surprise! This water bottle truly is “The coldest Water Bottle”. I am truly impressed and cannot wait to use this water bottle on hot summer days to feel refreshed after being in the sun!

Review by on January 7, 2016