I have a family of six and needless to say, we have many water bottles. We like to use the washable ones–so we each have one or two bottles each. We use the metal or glass bottles which all have different sized openings and are various heights and widths. I was using baby bottle brushes, but they never really would make it to the very bottom of all the bottles. This brush, however, is completely different. It is fourteen inches long and quite thin. The bristles are strong but flexible as well. This brush makes it clear to the bottom of all our water bottles and does a really great job of cleaning the bottom, sides and very top of the bottle. It comes with a detachable ring to hang it on for easy drying. The brush also comes with a smaller, thinner, circular, ten inch brush. This is great for cleaning the smaller openings on the tops of some water bottles and also for cleaning the lids. Then there is a very short arched brush that is super for cleaning the part that you drink out of. These brushes help to keep the bottles clean and my family free from germs, bacteria, and sickness. All three are attached to the hanging ring, but each one can come off and be used separately. They are easy to use with warm water and soap and dry just as easily and quickly. I keep mine under my sink and ready to use multiple times a day.

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Review By Lori C. on August 29, 2016

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