I’ve been using tumbler cups at home ever since I found a flies in my cup twice and got so grossed out that I decided I needed to keep my drink covered all the time. This stainless steel tumbler is much more durable and cooler looking than the plastic ones. I’ve dropped a few cheap tumblers and they cracked pretty easily. I like the stainless steel and black design. It has a modern and elegant appearance

The vacuum seal design does a sufficient job of keeping my drink cold. It doesn’t sweat and you won’t have to worry about any built up condensation dripping on your clothes or furniture when using it. The matte finish has a slight texture to it that makes it easier to grip and take it on the go. I’m clumsy so I always worry about spilling liquid on my work desk, so a secure lid is important to me. I would have preferred a threaded lid that screwed on tightly but with the current setup the lid pushes in and still stays on pretty firmly. The sipping hole allows a good steady flow and is large enough to accommodate most straws. The lack of a sliding mechanism to close off the sipping hole is a minor gripe.

Performance wasn’t much better than it’s plastic counterpart in keeping my drink cold. For hot drinks, this stainless steel tumbler wins because of concerns of chemicals leaching out of some plastics caused by hot liquids. It’s not a thermos and has a large uninsulated lid that is not efficient in maintaining temperatures, so I don’ expect my drink to stay icy cold for more than a couple hours. It’s strength is its sturdiness and general aesthetic, minus the giant logo. I suggest adopting a symbol and keep it reasonably sized. It’s a good tumbler if you’re looking to upgrade to a fancier version of your plastic one.

Review by on April 27, 2016