Micro-Plastics in Bottled Water – Healthy Coldest Water Bottles:

Do you know how many micro-plastics go inside your stomach when you drink water from a plastic bottle? There is an interesting study focusing on the fresh contents and concerns associated with plastic water bottles. The study also reveals strong health implications to give a driveway to keep this planet and its environment free from the unknown damages of plastics.

The study was done in more than 9 countries of the world where nearly 11 plastic water bottle brands were examined. The analysis of micro-plastics revealed that ingestion of micro-plastics is universal and not a single brand was successful to avoid it. In fact, scientists found the plastic particles in more than 90 % of the bottle samples obtained in these countries.

Studies on the Water Bottle Sampling and Ingestion of Micro-Plastics Worldwide.

Is it not clear? Actually, the study focused on the water bottle sampling and ingestion of micro-plastics worldwide. They have successfully proved that users are taking micro-plastics while drinking water from almost all the brands. Another study done by the researchers at the University of New York advanced the study in order to estimate the amount of tiny plastic particles we consume on daily basis. They found that 10.4 micro-plastics equal to the size of human hair are ingested when a person drinks 1 liter of water packed in a plastic bottle. This is horrible.

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Researcher Kennedy Bucci (Right) and ecologist Chelsea Rochman are examining the debris nearby Lake Ontario.

Yes, it is. Actually, the outcomes are more shocking because the previous study done by the same group reported the contamination present in the tap water. Do you know plastic contamination was double when compared to tap contamination? The highest rate of contamination found in the USA as most of the plastic water bottles consumed in this country. In several studies, most published in Nature, it is clearly evident that micro-plastics have become the part of food chains in different eco-systems. This is considered the biggest discovery in this century.

Solutions are Present for Us:

You shouldn’t worry about the water utilization. You still have the option to manage the increasing plastic pollution. Bring the green technologies such as Coldest Water Bottles available in different sizes including 1 Gallon water bottle. This is a product by The Coldest Water. These coldest water bottles provide a plastic-free water storage. This is enabling the people to avoid the use of packaged water on a daily basis. The athletes, travelers, professionals, outdoor workers, and others commonly use plastic water bottles available in the markets. Now it is time to say “No” to the plastic bottles because you can fill clean filtered or tap water from your home in the coldest water bottles.

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Think About the Consequences of Plastic Pollution:

It is necessary to think about the consequences of plastic pollution. Go online and check the studies mentioned above. You will find several other research studies depicting the negative outcomes of increasing use of plastic. The only best solution to avoid the issue is Green Technology. Consider the 1 Gallon coldest water bottles and store water for entire family or group. This will be an awesome option allowing the users to arrange a source of water for proper hydration. These Coldest Water Bottles work to store cold water free from contamination and keep the liquid hot 24+ hours and cold for 36+ hours. It is interesting to note that it keeps the ice cubes without melt up to 24 hours.

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